[College of civil and Architectural Engineering] the eve of the Lunar New Year is coming, and the reunion is not far away!

To know the birthday of the prime minister’s residence, this is the time of offering sacrifices to the kitchen stove on earth.

His face is as red as a red crowned crane, and his moustache and beard are as long as a green hairy turtle.

The student union of the Youth League Committee of the Civil Engineering College wishes everyone a happy and happy New Year! Editor | Jiang Yuhao typesetting | supervised by Dong Yuwen | reviewed by Li Qifang | Zhou Xudong..

From the Lunar New Year of 2001 to the Lunar New Year of narifu, the 23rd lunar month in the north and the 24th lunar month in the south.

The kitchen smoke dispersed.

According to folklore, on the day of the new year, the kitchen god will report the merits and demerits of the family to the Jade Emperor.

It was cold after cooking just at night.

The young man is blessed with good health.

People want the kitchen god to say more good words to pray for peace and auspiciousness in the coming year.

The customs of celebrating the Spring Festival in different places are different, but the same thing is the happiness of reunion, “After the Chinese new year, every day is a year”.

Offering sacrifices to the kitchen god, sweeping the dust, cutting window flowers, pasting Spring Festival couplets and offering sacrifices to the kitchen god in the new year are the common customs of the north and the south of the river.

With the changes of the times, the color of superstition gradually fades, leaving people’s expectations and wishes for a better life.

What is the “new year”? It’s family reunion, farewell to the old and welcome the new year, peace and blessings, happiness and contentment.

In the new year, I was blessed with good health.

From this day on, families are busy preparing new year goods and have a good new year with joy.

It’s not far from the big reunion.

The firecrackers rang in the neighborhood at the beginning of the New Year Festival.

Xiaonian is endowed with the meaning of praying for happiness and success in the coming year.

Although there are differences in time, the year will come as soon as the Lunar New Year arrives.

Halfen Frimeda

From today on, the flavor of the new year is getting stronger every day.


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