Collection of templates and courseware for common attendance, wages, and expenses in construction projects

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It is suitable for work study and internal training.

Enter the store and click to view the data format: Electronic member limited time special offer Sending method: Baidu online disk link or WeChat Send member limited time special offer Purchase amount: 199 yuan Add WeChat customer service, Send information Permanent member limited time special price 199 yuan Previous recommendation A078 Financial forecast analysis model 31 copies A079 Menu template (editable and modifiable) A081 Financial account page (with formula) Automatic calculation (same as manual account) Table electronic version A083 Food cost accounting table (embedded formula, self adapting) A084 Sales management system 2 copies (VBA) A085 Post-tax payroll reverse deduction Pre-tax payroll Excel template Personal tax conversion to tax included A086 Catering accounting template and cost accounting A087 Catering ledger and A/R system (customer reconciliation enabled) Updated all financial template lists (limited time special price 199 yuan – ongoing update) A055 Financial Diagnosis Report.ppt Five copies A049 Sales Commission Payroll Table System Three copies A058-1 Cash Bank Three-column Financial Ledger Electronic Journal A049 Sales Commission Payroll Table System Three copies Financial Cost Accounting Management System Template 2 sets A0401-2A060 Catering Revenue and Expense Accounting Management System (Monthly) 2023 Update A032 Financial Report Preparation Data Template Five Major Analysis Expense Reimbursement/Expense Budget Management System (4 sets).

Click the blue words above to follow us and pay attention to this official account to send financial summary PPT template 100 sets of practical dry goods recommended today are the embedded formulas in the template of the Collection of Common Templates and Coursewares for Construction Projects, which can be directly applied (editable and modifiable) 100% of the content can be used in detail.

xls (Self contained Formula) A039A028 Model Financial Analysis Report Template Full Set A027 Invoice Management System (A/R and A/P) Four copies A046 Debit Statement Accounting System Seven copies A058-1 Cash Bank Three Column Financial Ledger Electronic Journal A005 Year-end Financial Analysis PPT Courseware 14 sections and template A087 Catering Ledger and A/R System (Customer Reconciliation Available) A049 Sales commission payroll form system 3 copies A046 Debit statement bookkeeping system 7 copies A019 Management income analysis management system 8 copies A025 Member management system 8 sets A057 Revenue and expenditure journal form Perpetual calendar (free collection) A018 Automatic Perpetual calendar Financial electronic ledger account page (automatic statistics) A019 Management Income Analysis Management System 8 copies A020 English statements and vocabulary A0211000 sets of financial statements and various industry templates A022 18 tax calculation table formulas and income tax annual report A023 Purchase, Sales, and Inventory Management System 2 sets of DuPont analysis reports (automatic) /Cash Flow Statement Balance Reminder Preparation Practice A024A025 Member Management System 8 Sets A001 Simple Purchase, Sales, and Inventory Management System Accounting EXCEL Form A002 36 Common Financial Forms Analysis Form A003 Real Estate Measurement Package Data 196 Copies A004 Year-end Financial Analysis Report Preparation Template Analysis Report A006 Warehouse Sales Management System (VBA).

After use, it can improve the working efficiency by N times! Click on the list below, Can automatically jump to the details page Serial Number Name 1B001 Construction Management Data 600+Forms 2B002 Construction Technical Disclosure Data Complete 3B003 Project Site Borrowing Attendance (Statistic Work Types)/Salary Performance Template 4B004 Project Management System (with sample videos) 5B005 Project Revenue and Expense Management System (monthly) 6B006 Site Construction Attendance and Wage Financial Management System 7B007 Engineering Project Revenue and Expense Management System (Professional Version with Use Video) Formula Version 8B008 Engineering Attendance and Wage Management System (VBA) 9B009 Annual Wage Management System – Annual Settlement of Site Construction 10B010 Site Project Cost Management System – Procurement and Leasing VBA 11B011 Annual Attendance Management System – Site Attendance Formula Version 12B012 Attendance and Wage Accounting System Salary Annual Summary Details Debit Details 13G006 Real Account Practice in the Construction Industry+Financial Software (stand-alone version) 14C003 Gantt Chart EXCEL Management System Complete Set (including dynamic milestones) How to Collect Catering Accounting Templates and Courseware Collections Data Format: Electronic Version Sending Method: Baidu Online Disk Link or Email or WeChat Sending Purchase Amount: The Details Page Has a Price to Purchase Members Is More Costeffective for Permanent Use Without Subsequent Fees All Templates Permanent Members Limited Time Special Price 199 Yuan – To Be Continued – Full text can be edited and modified, Please click on the applet below to enter the store and have a look.


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