China Railway Construction Development Corporation: Hainan Green Building Industrial Park completed and put into operation

The industrial park is constructed and operated by China Railway Construction Group.

China Railway Construction Group aims to build the industrial park into a comprehensive green building industrial park integrating production, demonstration, scientific research, promotion, education and training, build a management platform for PC digital chemical plant and BIM + smart construction plant, and become a supporting platform for close connection and collaborative promotion of business and socialized service subjects, Create a “gold medal model” for the fabricated construction industry in Hainan Province.

It is equipped with five internationally advanced production lines of prefabricated construction parts, with an annual design capacity of 100000 cubic meters.

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The system can realize full assembly and full cast-in-situ of vertical components, has the advantages of prefabricated construction technology and cast-in-situ concrete structure, and does not need reinforcement binding and formwork installation on site.

The construction of Hainan green building industrial park is a beneficial exploration made by China Railway Construction Group in building a new construction industrialization whole industry chain model by relying on the “8 + n” industrial pattern of China Railway Construction and practicing the “double carbon” goal.

Not long ago, Hainan Province completed the capping of the first building applying IRF system, “Sanya watermelon mango area shed reconstruction project”, which is also the country’s first project in which the vertical components of the standard floor of high-rise buildings are fully assembled and cast-in-situ.

IRF system has formed complete sets of technologies and enterprise technical standards in design, production, transportation and installation.

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The first phase of construction covers an area of 100 mu, with an investment of 200 million yuan.

Hainan green building industrial park is a “national prefabricated building industrial base” recognized by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

On December 29, the commissioning ceremony of China Railway Construction’s first green building industrial park in Hainan Province was grandly held in jinjingang Economic Development Zone, Lingao County, Hainan Province.

Using this system, the demand and labor intensity of on-site construction workers will be greatly reduced, the loss of reinforcement is expected to be reduced by 3%, the amount of formwork is expected to be reduced by 90%, and the construction waste can be reduced by nearly 40%.

It has independently developed an internationally advanced building industrialization technology system (IRF), and has many advantages, such as fully professional collaborative design technology and construction technology of prefabricated buildings.

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