China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. announced that there are 118 people in Shanxi!

China Construction Fourth Bureau occupies three seats with 539.2m Guangzhou East Tower, 440.75m Guangzhou West Tower and 441.8m Shenzhen Jingji 100 building, which is the construction enterprise with the highest proportion at present.

For more recruitment information, you can pay more attention to the “San Jin occupation”.

In the next five years, Beijing company will develop into an important pillar subsidiary of the Engineering Bureau with a total number of more than 2000 people and a production capacity of more than 10 billion.

The company was officially established on July 28, 2020.

It has won more than 300 honors, including Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou, the highest honor in the national construction industry, the national high-quality engineering award, the national decoration gold award, the national steel structure Gold Award, the provincial and ministerial high-quality engineering award and so on.

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Since 1991, China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau has been rated as “contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Guangdong Province” for 28 consecutive years and “the first batch of AAA credit enterprises in the national construction industry”.

• Beijing company of China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau is an affiliated regional company established by China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau to promote the implementation of the “2 + 5” strategic plan, further optimize the regional layout, expand, strengthen and optimize the northern market.

The business covers real estate construction, infrastructure, real estate development, investment construction and other fields.

State owned enterprises and institutions have released the latest and complete information.

More than 70 super high-rise buildings above 200 meters and 8 above 400 meters have been constructed in major cities across the country.

At present, the company has 1000 employees.

• China Construction Fourth Bureau was established in Guizhou in 1962 and moved to Guangzhou, Guangdong in 2002.

At present, there are only 7 high-rise buildings with more than 100 floors completed and put into use nationwide.

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The company is headquartered in Asia finance building, Chaoyang District, Beijing, where the headquarters of the Asian infrastructure investment bank is located.

It has four branches in Northeast China, Hebei, Tianjin and infrastructure, forming a regional layout with Beijing as the center and focusing on Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and northeast provinces, The business pattern is mainly driven by “housing construction + infrastructure”.

Work areas: Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin and Shanxi.

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It has 28000 employees and is a large comprehensive investment and Construction Group stationed in Guangdong by the central government.


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