Chen Xuan: looking for sustainable “beauty” in architecture and space | Deco design field

In the space with exposed concrete and cement and high sky light, we met Chen Xuan, the studio she designed for her friend sculptor Jiang Jie.

These three points are particularly evident in her art related projects, such as Jiang Jie studio and Sui Jianguo private art museum.

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In Chen Xuan’s opinion, as far as architecture is concerned, the most important thing is the fluidity and iteration of space, the treatment of light and shadow, and the simplification of materials as much as possible.

Therefore, in 2021, Beijing, China also focused on “sustainable ‘beauty”, exploring the connection between design and nature and leading the forward-looking thinking of future industry development.

Lifting Anchor

The rest area on the second floor of the studio connects the terrace and the interior.

The light and transparent white gauze curtain on the second floor gently caresses the collections and old and heavy artifacts collected everywhere.

After work, Chen Xuan also returned to the Central Academy of fine arts to study environment and sustainable development architecture, received a doctorate, designed fashion products and participated in artistic creation.

Chen Xuan, an architect, designer and artist, graduated from the Architecture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 and founded Shishang architectural design studio in 2004, engaged in architecture, interior, furniture and product design.

The original building materials and minimalist space interface treatment make the building very inclusive, and the artworks and space can be cleverly integrated.

Therefore, the concept of sustainable aesthetics is deeply rooted in Chen Xuan’s subsequent design concept.

From 1999 when she was engaged in architectural design and 2004 when she founded ten buildings to now, Chen Xuan has experienced the development process from architectural design to interior and product design, from public cultural space to private house project, from conceptual planning to paying more attention to practical conditions; But what has remained unchanged for 20 years is her understanding of space as an architect.

  Sculptor Jiang Jie’s studio is connected by three buildings.

After years of design practice, Chen Xuan chose to return to his alma mater, the school of architecture of the Central Academy of fine arts, to study for a doctorate in environment and sustainable development.

Chen Xuan’s studio for sculpture artist Jiang Jie.

Chen Xuan transformed the original three independent architectural spaces into one, creating a multi-dimensional space for artists to live, create and display.

The reception hall on the first floor is covered with antique tiles supporting retro leather sofas and wooden boxes and tables with mottled texture.

Chen Xuan, founder of Shishang architectural design studio, as an exclusive guest of Kohler’s selection and Design Forum in Beijing, China, also brought her unique views on the beauty of sustainable design on the first day of the exhibition; In this issue, Kohler, who dares to expand the new territories and is dedicated to beauty, and Chen Xuan, the designer, discussed the expression of sustainable aesthetics in design around “sustainable ‘beauty”.

The figure sculpture on the table is Jiang Jie’s work entertainment.

The open and towering industrial space resonates with the delicate and smooth sculpture lines.

The art works that can be seen everywhere in the space are particularly powerful under the gentle background of white yarn curtains.

How to use natural forces to empower design has become one of the topics of in-depth thinking in the design field.


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