Can I get points for junior professional titles in Shanghai? What are the principles of architectural structure design?

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Do you still refund the evaluation fee? Hello, you can arrange the publication of academic papers for senior professional titles, the listing of teaching materials for the 13th five year plan, the listing of academic works, the listing of national topics, the listing of utility model patents, which can be checked online and the reputation is guaranteed.

It is used for enterprise capital.

The level of professional title also determines the level of pension 3.

It is used to play a role in registration and examination of practice qualification, bidding and expert technical scheme demonstration.

For the company, professional title: 1.

I hope my answer is right for you.

Which is better, the EIA Engineer or the registered environmental engineer, and which is easier to test? It is very difficult to test, but the treatment of registered EIA will be better after the test, because the EIA review is more strict.

Just apply for it in time, because the supervisor’s certificate is not an important certificate? It doesn’t matter much if others take it.

Does the title certificate of assistant engineer evaluated by the personnel department of other provinces need to be reviewed again when it is used by units in Shenzhen? First, for high academic qualifications, you can apply for low academic posts with low academic qualifications.

It doesn’t matter if the daughter’s certificate is lost in the relevant department.

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We will provide you with professional title evaluation services.

The salary of the company 2.

Senior professional title evaluation, materials are reported to the city and brushed down.

Slab Prop Nut

Middle and senior professional title evaluation, affiliated to the professional title evaluation center of engineers of the completion group! Regular Title channels, years of reputation and rich cases make you more time-saving and worry-free! Professional intermediate and senior engineer title evaluation affiliated service! Please consult customer service wechat / Tel: 13167878949, institutions do not disturb!..

The registered environmental protection examination involves too many contents, but the problem is relatively simple.

Affiliated to other companies and get commission 4.

What is the use of senior engineers in Jiangsu Province? 1.

If you just graduate, you can try the naked basic examination,.

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What if the supervisor certificate is lost? If the supervisor’s certificate is lost, you can apply for it again.

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Promotion and salary increase are allowed.


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