Building structure Chapter 1 Introduction to civil building structure self test questions and answers in this chapter

The correct answer is “yes”   In the frame structure, the center line of the central column generally coincides with the longitudinal and transverse plane positioning axes.

The correct answer is “wrong”   Different times, different regions and different people have the same understanding of architectural image.

During construction, they can be cast on site or prefabricated in the processing plant and hoisted on site.

The correct answer is “wrong”   The building for people to carry out social activities is called residential building.

The correct answer is “wrong”   Because low rise houses occupy a large area, construction should be controlled in big cities.

The correct answer is: column   The external forces directly acting on the building are collectively referred to as ().

The correct answer is: civil buildings, industrial buildings and agricultural buildings   The correct answer is: medium and high-rise building   The following buildings must be equipped with elevators.

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The correct answer is “yes”   The building modulus is the selected standard scale unit, which is used as the value-added unit in the mutual coordination of the dimensions of building space, building components, building products and relevant equipment.

The correct answer is “wrong”   The material and technical conditions not only limit the development space of buildings, but also promote the development of buildings.

The correct answer is: high-rise office building   The height of the building refers to ().

The correct answer is “yes”   23 text of test questions when selecting stressed components and fittings, beauty should be put in the first place, such as handrails and handrails of stairs.

The correct answer is: long test question   The fire resistance rating of multi-storey buildings is divided into ().

This structure refers to ().

The correct answer is: Level 4   In the frame load-bearing structure, the main vertical load-bearing member is ().

The correct answer is: high-rise buildings, open buildings and buildings in coastal areas are obviously affected by wind load   The following buildings belong to industrial buildings.

The correct answer is “yes”   The requirements for building structure are often different due to the different construction sites and functions of houses.

The correct answer is “yes”   The center line of the wall body on the top floor of the inner wall generally coincides with the plane positioning axis.

The correct answer is: non combustible body, refractory body and combustible body   The time of fire endurance of the main components of a building with high fire resistance rating ().

The correct answer is 3M and 6m   The application scope of the basic module of the text of the test question is mainly ().

One of the following can prove this view is ().

The correct answer is: load test   The effect of external force will affect the building structure.

The correct answer is: the vertical height from the outdoor design ground to the top of the cornice of the main building   The vertical and horizontal load-bearing members of the text structure are made of reinforced concrete.

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The correct answer is “yes”..

The correct answer is: fire resistance limit and combustion performance of main components   The time that a building lasts from being affected by fire to losing its support capacity, or penetrating cracks occur, or the temperature on the side behind the fire rises to 220 ℃ is called ().

The correct answer is “yes”   The connection between the structural members of the text of the test question and the vertical positioning axis should be conducive to the unity of vertical members such as wallboard, column and ladder, meet the use requirements and facilitate construction.

The correct answer is: reinforced concrete slab wall structure   The index of building durability grade is ().

Some engineering facilities built are called ().

The correct answer is: fire resistance test   Building components are divided into () according to their combustion performance.

The correct answer is: structure test question   According to the height of buildings, the following group is ().

The correct answer is: building floor height, door and window openings and section of components and fittings   The buildings for people’s daily life are called public buildings.

The correct answer is: service life   The fire resistance rating of buildings depends on ().

The correct answer is: machine repair workshop, boiler room, warehouse and garage   The base number of the vertical expansion module of the text of the test question is ().

Completed at 20:33 thursdayon October 21, 2021, 3 hours and 4 minutes, score 14.00/30.00, score 100 / 10.00 (100%)   The text of the test question is only to meet the needs of production and life.

The correct answer is “yes”   The artistic image of architecture is reflected by its plane space combination, architectural shape and facade, color and texture of materials, treatment and depiction of details.


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