Building structure – 30 projects won the 18th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou award

4 rail transit projects: phase I of suburban railway from Zhengzhou South Fourth Ring Road to Zhengzhou south station; Chongqing Rail Transit Line 10 phase I project; Tianjin Metro Line 3 project; Jinan Rail Transit Line 1 project.

3 railway projects: new Xi’an Jiangyou section of Xi’an Chengdu Railway; New Baoji Lanzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line; New Mombasa Nairobi standard gauge railway in Kenya.

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The selection scope includes construction engineering, bridge engineering, railway engineering, municipal engineering, etc.

For example, the innovative technological achievements made in the construction of Aizhai bridge have solved many problems in the design and construction of long-span suspension bridges in mountainous areas, and effectively promoted the development of Bridge Technology in mountainous areas.

1 gas project: Foshan high pressure natural gas transmission and distribution system project.

According to reports, China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou award has been the highest honorary award for scientific and technological innovation in the field of civil engineering in China since 1999.

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Unlike other quality awards, Zhan Tianyou Award for China civil engineering focuses on the scientific and technological innovation of the project.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   As the highest honor award for scientific and technological innovation in China’s civil engineering field, the 18th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou award was officially issued on September 27, and 30 projects such as fast Telescope project, Aizhai bridge and Youjiang Baise water control project won this award.

Three bridge projects: Chongqing Guiyang railway expansion and reconstruction project, xinbaishatuo Yangtze River Bridge and related projects; Overall jacking reconstruction project of Wusongjiang bridge on Jiangpu Road, Kunshan City; Aizhai bridge.

One water conservancy and hydropower project: Youjiang Baise water control project.

The award is selected once a year, with about 30 winning projects each time.

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One water industry project: Beijing HUAIFANG reclaimed water plant.

2 municipal projects: Hangzhou Wenyi Road Underpass project; Shanghai Jiamin elevated road north section project.

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2 water transportation projects: Breakwater Project of Lianyungang port • Xuwei port area; Phase IV Project of Yangshan deepwater port area of Shanghai international shipping center.

The projects applying for awards must have innovation and breakthrough, and must highlight the application of advanced scientific and technological achievements.

For example, the fast telescope, known as “China’s heavenly eye”, has broken through the 100 Meter Engineering limit of the telescope and created a new model for building giant radio telescopes with its new design ideas and unique location advantages.

1 Public Transport Project: Tram test line project in Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.

The 18th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou award winning projects are: 9 construction projects: 500 meter Spherical Radio Telescope project; Shenkeng Hotel, plot 2, Chenhua road; Oriental gate; The new Yunnan Guangxi railway is introduced into the station building project of Kunming South Station of Kunming hub; Zhuhai cross gate CBD exhibition business group phase I project; Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center; Qujiang Wanzhong International; Shanghai World Expo Museum; China Life R & D center phase I.

The winners include 30 projects such as fast Telescope project, Aizhai bridge, Youjiang Baise water control project, Shanghai Shenkeng Hotel and Baoji Lanzhou railway passenger dedicated line.

One residential area project: Qingdao Ruiyuan mingjiahui residential area.

One tunnel project: queershan tunnel project of national highway 317.

One highway project: Anhui section of Yuexi Wuhan expressway.


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