“Building dreams and building the future” – Zhongtianyijian 2023 Spring Festival Online Job Fair

Since the Group put forward the transformation and upgrading strategy, Zhongtian Yijian has made every effort to promote the transformation of business structure to general contracting, EPC, PPP, assembly, refined decoration, new business and other aspects, starting from the five major areas of building industrialization, refined decoration, centralized procurement, new business and new business model, so as to promote business undertaking through transformation and upgrading.


Assist the department head to prepare the summary of the relevant contents of the technical proposal.

The BIM model is used for comprehensive optimization of electromechanical pipelines, construction drawing output, report preparation, etc.

It has made positive efforts and beneficial exploration for the progress of the industry.

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Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Complete the deepening design related to the modular deepening design BIM.

Have certain professional technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and master BIM-related software, such as REVIT, CAD, LUMION, etc.

(hereinafter referred to as “Zhongtian Yijian”) is one of the regional companies under Zhongtian Construction Group, and its business scope covers Zhejiang Province (Jinhua, Quzhou, Lishui, Taizhou, Wenzhou) and Jiangxi Province.


Job requirements: 1.


The first construction company of Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Be responsible for the sealing of relevant technical bids.



Assistant engineer or above.

Engaged in project cost related work for 3 years or more, able to independently complete the preparation of commercial bidding documents for construction projects, and having cost management experience in the project department is preferred; 3.

Familiar with Zhejiang Province quota, international pricing rules, etc., and be able to skillfully use the volume/pricing software; 4.



The spring breeze has opened a year’s chapter and awakened the bud of being ready to go.

Complete the establishment of the Group’s technical progress BIM related indicators, BIM technology application and family library construction.

Location of electromechanical BIM of Technology Development Department: Jinhua Post Responsibilities: 1.

Full-time college degree or above, major in industrial and civil construction or engineering cost; 2.


Work location of technical bid editor: Jinhua Post responsibilities: 1.



Possession of cost engineer or first-class constructor is preferred.

If you want to fly, give you a pair of wings! In 2023, let’s start together! Our treatment will make your salary full and our welfare will make you satisfied.

Participate in the deepening design and coordination of electromechanical BIM of the project.

Review the contents of the prepared bidding documents and find out the missing.

Zhongtianyi has established itself in the birthplace of Zhongtian Holding Group, adhering to the core concept of “integrity, quality, innovation and responsibility”, and has made continuous innovation in the standardization of project management, integration of design and construction, and modernization of the construction industry.

Agree with Zhongtian’s corporate philosophy, have high professional quality, strong executive ability, good communication and team cooperation ability, and can accept overseas business trips and overtime; 5.



Implement the chief responsibility system of bid preparation, accurately read each bidding document without errors or omissions; Implement the work output list and various business processes of informatization, fully implement the work processes of business operation, and be responsible for the preparation, measurement, price grouping, review, inspection, etc.


of the commercial bid; The cost of the bidding project should be mastered and the cost calculation should be basically accurate.

Assist in the preparation of the BIM implementation process manual with regional characteristics, and complete the publicity and implementation work of the Project Department.

Job requirements: 1.

Bachelor degree or above, majored in HVAC, water supply and drainage, and electrical.

Scaffolding Screw Jacks


Good organization, coordination and communication skills, enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Bachelor degree or above, major in civil engineering.

Be responsible for the content inspection and process tracking after the preparation of the technical proposal, collect and analyze the score and ranking of the proposal, and do a good job of continuous improvement.



More than 2 years of relevant work experience.

Participate in BIM competitions organized by the Group or relevant associations and prepare competition documents.

Five insurances, one gold, health examination, high temperature subsidy, holiday welfare, group construction, tourism evaluation, award, temporary job rotation, promotion, tutor, twinning craftsmanship plan…..

The comprehensive management ability of key customer projects, public construction projects, and new business projects has been significantly enhanced, Zhongtian Yijian has successively won more than 200 honors and awards, including the Luban Award for National Construction Projects, the National Demonstration Site for Safety and Quality Standardization of Construction Projects, the National AAA Class Safe, Civilized, Standardized and Honest Construction Site, the Demonstration Model Project in East China, the Provincial Quality Project, the Provincial Safe, Civilized and Standardized Construction Site and so on.

Analyze the profit space of bidding and winning projects, and track and compare the cost management of bidding cost comparison process of projects; Strengthen the analysis of various indicators and data, pay attention to and collect the successful experience of the second operation of the project department, and improve the business operation level.

Popularization and promotion of BIM technology application, and strengthening technical exchange and cooperation with industry competent departments and project departments.


Do a good job in submitting the completion settlement for review and approving the project analysis, database archiving, process tracking, etc.

Communicate well with the project department to promote the implementation of electromechanical BIM deepening results.

In order to meet the needs of the company’s business development, further build a good talent echelon and reserve excellent talents, Zhongtianyijian recruited the following scarce positions: Civil and Commercial Bid Compilers of the Transformation and Marketing Division Work Location: Dongyang Post Responsibilities: 1.



Having been trained in professional knowledge and relevant laws and regulations in the construction industry, and having a certain understanding of new specifications, new technologies and new processes.

Job requirements: 1.

Be familiar with relevant specifications, and have good service awareness and team spirit.

Responsible for the preparation of technical bids in the regional direct market, Jinhua, Wenzhou and Lishui, including the establishment of the text framework of the bid, the preparation of the general layout, and the preparation of the construction schedule.


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