be careful! These two kinds of buildings in rural areas do not need to be demolished even if they are illegally built!



Even if the illegal construction is particularly serious, it will only be reasonably demolished, not completely demolished.

Change the original house structure.

When submitting the building application, you will be required to specify the structure, floor height, area, etc.

Even if your house is reasonable and legal, the buildings that run counter to the planning and construction will also be demolished.

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According to China’s land law, the rural homestead must be one family and one house, so the situation of one family and multiple houses is not allowed.

Your house can’t be built high or large.

Historical legacy due to historical reasons, after such a long time, some houses will not meet the area standards of one family, one house and homestead, but it is no problem to obtain approval when switching to previous construction, so such a situation will not be demolished generally.

If we exceed the limit, it will be considered illegal.

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They belong to the nature of expansion, are illegal and will be demolished.

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Even if you don’t feel anything wrong now, it’s illegal under the policy.

Having said so much, I would like to remind you that illegal houses in rural areas are likely to be demolished.

However, if you do not change according to the plan at the time of application, it will be judged as illegal construction.

You can’t build houses privately as before.


Now, it is essential to vigorously build a new countryside, promote development, build roads and bridges, etc.

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What are the circumstances of illegal construction? Are all the houses within the scope of illegal construction to be demolished, without exception? With these questions, let’s take a closer look today! Illegal construction of rural houses 1.

of the house you want to build.

rural planning.

Don’t take chances.


You can build houses only after you have a construction land planning license, otherwise it’s illegal.

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Temporary permanent buildings when we usually build, we will more or less set up some temporary houses and other buildings next to them, which is legal, but if they are changed into permanent houses, it is another matter.

Because the state should also protect the basic interests of farmers.

In this case, the houses will not be demolished.

Although I understand that illegal buildings are to be demolished now, sometimes I am still confused when my illegal buildings are demolished.

Raw water is not suitable for cooking.

Some of the residents’ only houses are illegally built, but the residents have no other homestead and houses, that is to say, this is the only place to settle down.


There will be updates every day.

The most troublesome thing is that it has to be approved at all levels.



  With the gradual completion of the construction of new countryside and the confirmation of land rights, building houses in rural areas can no longer be as casual as before.

Rules and regulations begin to restrict us from building houses indiscriminately.

China’s attitude towards illegal houses is zero tolerance, and everything is regulated according to the requirements…

It is not in line with the urban and rural construction planning.

The so-called agricultural land should be the land used for agricultural production, which is stipulated by the state, and the occupation will face the possibility of demolition, except as permitted by special circumstances.

Will all illegal houses be demolished? Are there any exceptions? Two kinds of illegal construction in rural areas can not be demolished.

Buildings that change the nature of land use, that is, the occupation of agricultural land, is illegal construction.

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Because tap water contains chlorine, it will destroy vitamin B1 contained in grain during cooking.

Building houses without approval now basically needs to apply first.

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