Baihetan street, Qiaojia county demolishes illegal buildings according to law! A total of 1135 square meters of illegal buildings were

Baihetan street of Qiaojia county demolished illegal buildings according to law.

The contents of this clean-up and rectification work include the illegal land use in groups 7 and 8 of liming in Jinsha community and the illegal occupation of river buildings in Shuinian River ditch.

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A total of 1135 square meters of illegal buildings were demolished, more than 2000 cubic meters of illegal retaining walls were demolished, more than 10 outdoor domestic garbage were cleared, and the river reach was dredged and desilting for 1.3 km.

In order to severely crack down on illegal activities involving the river, maintain the health of the river, and comprehensively do a good job in cultivated land protection and river regulation, Baihetan street, together with several law enforcement departments such as the county urban management and law enforcement Bureau, the County Water Affairs Bureau and the county natural resources bureau, cleaned up and renovated the illegal land and illegally occupied River buildings in Jinsha community on January 6.

(correspondent Zhu Xin) Lai yuan @ weiqiaojia editor – Qiaojia financial media Yan Ke Ren Mao Mingtao Click“.


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