Australia is in chaos again! Construction workers “shout and smash”!

The whole incident was photographed from multiple angles, causing great controversy in Australia.

On the 20th, the protesters reported outside the door of cfmeu that after the protest conflict, cfmeu official Nunan condemned the “right-wing extremists” as responsible, saying that the protesters had infiltrated “Neo Nazis” and “some other right-wing extremist organizations”, and only “a small number of protesters were real trade union members”.

Chaos! Protests broke out in Melbourne, Australia.

There were protests in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city.

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The orange flame smoke emitted by the flares filled the streets, and fireworks rose from the crowd from time to time.

However, rt said that the statement was opposed by a reporter named yamini.

Construction workers “shouted and smashed” against compulsory vaccination.

RT mentioned that violent protests continued to occur in Melbourne due to the longest epidemic blockade in the world.

Just watch it!     ↓   ↓   ↓。.

Screenshot of RT report according to “Russia today” (RT) on the 20th, after the news about “construction workers must be vaccinated to continue working” was announced, there was a violent protest outside the headquarters of the Australian construction, forestry, maritime, mining and Energy Union (cfmeu) in Melbourne on the 20th.

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On the 21st, protesters took to the streets of Melbourne again.

Yamini tweeted on the 20th: “most of the protesters are members of cfmeu, no matter how you explain it.” ↓ according to the latest report of British “Sky News Network” on the 21st, after protesting at the gate of cfmeu on the 20th, thousands of protesters rushed into the blocked streets of Melbourne on the 21st and gathered again to oppose compulsory vaccination.

Previously reported: Melbourne burst! More than 2000 police were present! Australia this scene! We all scold “disgusting”! Source: / Suo Yanqi looked back and paid attention to it.

Rt said that Melbourne riot police then came to the scene and used shields, batons and guns to disperse the protesters.

On the 18 day of local time, a more than 70 year old woman in the city was pushed down by police and was sprinkled with pepper spray when she was participating in the protest against the blockade policy.

Short Waved Anchor

This time, local construction workers opposed the compulsory vaccination policy.

It was reported that some people at the scene of the protest tried to ease the situation, waved and shouted to the protesters and tried to stop them, but to no avail.

Production: Ring video / Nancy “let’s unite!” go to * * vaccination! “The report described the scene that protesters dressed in high-definition construction workers’ clothes shouted slogans and even” rude “in their mouth, threw sundries at the building where the trade union is located and smashed windows.

On the other side, the union tried to set up a barricade in front of the door and disperse the protesters with fire extinguishers.

According to the report, the live video showed that the protesters set off fireworks and flares.

The protesters shouted and smashed at the scene.


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