Architecture is the medium of communication between city and Culture — the transformation and expansion of the cultural landmark Swiss

This photo was taken in winter.

They skillfully act as pathfinders and skillfully illuminate the raw concrete and terrazzo floors.

The old and new interweave to form a central courtyard, and the low vegetation is torn to pieces in the winter breeze.

“- Sam Jacob, from museumas mediaand mediator @Introduction to Christ & Gantenbein firm @ Christ & gantenbeincrist & Gantenbein is committed to international practice in a wide range of architectural fields.

Gardiner’s photography of the Swiss National Museum gives people an immortal feeling, with angular shadows and geometric lines.

This historical building is like a collage, which evokes the association of different times and regions in Switzerland, integrates the different styles and aspects of bourgeois and aristocratic buildings, and forms a combination of churches, palaces and city gates.

The warm sun shines on the front of the two buildings.

The orange tone unifies the two buildings.

The expansion of the landmark building and the Swiss National Museum by Christ & Gantenbein architectural firm is depicted as an orderly barbarian building, and the whole project is shrouded in gray tones @ Christ & Gantenbein Swiss National Museum was completed in 1898 to commemorate this young nation-state.

Flat Steel Anchor

More than a century later, its original layout has become obsolete, and the museum needs more space to accommodate its new functions @ Christ& Gantenbein@Christ & Gantenbein@Christ &In 2002, Christ & Gantenbein won the international competition for expansion and designed a modern space on the park side of the existing site to solve this problem.

Although Christ & Gantenbein’s project presents a desolate space – a canvas of historical relics, it has become a warm and quiet building through Rory Gardiner’s lens.

While completing the expansion, Christ & Gantenbein also carried out three-phase reconstruction of the existing buildings for decades, which was finally completed in 2020, so that tourists can enjoy full circulation in the buildings @ Christ & Gantenbein “If we get anything from these museum projects of Christ & Gantenbein, it is that the architectural structure itself is the medium of communication.

Their circular shape is in sharp contrast to the stone walls and large rectangular windows of the original building, which complement the use of materials @ Rory Gardiner  @ Christ & Gantenbein this is a celebration of infrastructure construction: Tuff aggregate is added to the concrete wall, and some circular openings are drilled in the wall, just like passing through a mountain tunnel.

It is important to keep consistent images, but more important is to have an open understanding of singularities @ Rory Gardiner  @ RoryGardiner   Christ & Gantenbein’s intervention creates a new space while reconstructing the meaning of the existing space.

Through the reinterpretation of the existing architectural theme, the design creates the unity of the old and new buildings: the origami roof landscape of the new building evokes the wild inclined roof of the original building.

Founded in 1998 by Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein, the firm is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and has more than 80 architect teams from 20 countries..

@Christ & Gantenbein people perceive space not only through physical existence, but also through visual images.

Gardiner’s perspective turns these architectural structures into an artificial landscape, where empty chairs, lonely figures and landscape snapshots show a sense of loneliness @ Rory Gardiner   The power of visual images can dominate and change a person’s perspective.

A new garden square was introduced in front of the museum’s updated main entrance, providing a variety of new uses for Zurich residents and tourists to nearby railway stations.

The double wall structure of the new wing is as thick as the wall of the 19th century and meets the contemporary energy-saving standard @ Rory Gardiner   It extends and highlights the historic buildings planned by the architect Gustav gull.

The existing U-shaped building is now connected by a bridge like extension, forming a unified path in the museum.

The courtyard is directly connected to the natural elements of the park and river – sheltered and memorable.

In some cases, this concrete structure will be squeezed to form a series of complex spaces, from private to public @ Rory Gardiner  @ RoryGardiner   The overall structure is pierced by the circular opening of the system.

All other elements – the dreamy blue sky, the hint of ripples moving at a moderate speed, and the participation of passers-by seem to be frozen and can be placed at any point in time.

these museums operate as channels of culture – not only through the space they provide, but also through the way in which these spaces are provided and their influence and significance through their architectural layout.

At some moments, you can see the scene of historical buildings, hidden behind a row of barren trees and reflective water @ Rory Gardiner  @ RoryGardiner   In these photos, time is blurred because the season is only reflected in the appearance of the canopy.

The attitude of these projects shows the wider world – especially the relationship between the city and the internal cultural space (and vice versa, from inside to outside) …

Inside, these low windows act as lighting devices, changing the indoor environment by occasionally peeping into the surrounding environment.

The latter reminds people of an imaginary atmosphere and becomes an attractive device for the audience to arouse emotion.

Inside the museum, concrete is everywhere, but combined with technical artifacts such as metal grids hanging from the ceiling, the museum is depicted as a vibrant playground @ visitzurich   A series of photos by photographer Rory Gardiner eliminated these differences.

The extension provides flexible exhibition space, a learning center with library, an auditorium, a cafeteria and restaurant @ Christ & Gantenbein, site plan @ Christ & Gantenbein, first floor plan @ Christ & Gantenbein, second floor plan @ Christ & Gantenbein, Third floor plan @ Christ& Gantenbein@Christ &The new building completed in gantenbein2 in 2016 is an intertwined form.


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