“Architecture is a history book written in stone”

Zhuo Bergen China headquarters in Germany carefully studies German technology and introduces German imported craft products.

No matter how the history changes, the brilliance of the architecture is still immortal.

German architects combined the baroque style originated from Italy with their own national architectural style to form a unique artistic feature.

In the design, cross arches, flying coupons, columns, etc.

The composition is symmetrical in the middle.

After the vicissitudes of the stars and the rise and fall of the dynasty, it gathers thousands of years of history.

Many churches and palace buildings in Germany use Baroque artistic style, and later developed a delicate and exquisite architectural and decorative style called Rococo on this basis.

Romanesque architecture is mainly church, which is characterized by thick masonry walls, narrow windows, semicircular arches, door frame decoration selected layer by layer and tall towers.

From design to construction to material selection, it is planned in German architectural style.

are used to highlight the application of vertical lines.

Typical architecture: Heidelberg castle, helblon city hall, Augsburg City Hall (helblon City Hall) Heidelberg Castle (Augsburg City Hall) Baroque period (popular in the first half of the 18th century).

Romanesque architecture (popular from the 9th to the early 13th century), also known as romanik, is named after the use of ancient Romanesque rolls and arches.

When talking about architecture, you can’t get around the “European corridor” – Germany.

German modern architecture is simple and atmospheric, with solemn colors, and attaches importance to quality and function.

The builders, in line with the “craftsman spirit” of simple culture, focus on nothing and carve carefully, and continue to write their own magnificent chapters in the history of architecture.

Its shape is higher than that of Roman Church, and it is lighter and dexterous.

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German apartment adopts German passive house design, bringing more detailed life details.

It likes gorgeous carving.

Typical architecture: wolmes Cathedral, Neuschwanstein Castle, Capitol (Capitol) (Neuschwanstein Castle) (wolmes Cathedral) Gothic architecture (popular in the 13th-16th century) Gothic architecture developed with France as the center.

Its architectural features are soft modeling, mostly using decorative curves to pursue the effect of dynamic ups and downs, and extremely extravagant in internal decoration.

Zhuo Bergen 1900 project takes rationalism and humanistic care as the spiritual core.

The spire is towering, the flying buttresses are light and transparent, and the slender flower windows inlaid with colored glass.

It occupies an important position in modern world architecture.

Typical buildings: Cologne Cathedral Bremen city hall “(Cologne Cathedral) (Bremen City Hall) Renaissance architecture period (beginning in the second half of the 16th century) The architectural style, which first emerged in Italy and emerged with the trend of humanism, has been popular in Germany for about a hundred years.

It spread to Germany in the 13th century and is still represented by church architecture.

Typical buildings: Zweig palace, Baroque Opera House (Zweig Palace →) (↓ Baroque Opera House) classical period (popular in the second half of the 18th century and the 19th century).

The relatively pure German architectural design has several basic characteristics.

It is common in public buildings such as museums and theatres and some memorial buildings, such as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (based on the Mountain Gate of the Acropolis in Athens).

Firstly, the shape is concise and full of vitality, the color is bright and fashionable, and belongs to the modern simplicity school; Secondly, the function is practical; Finally, the quality of building materials is excellent, and the materials and new technologies imported from Germany are adopted to pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

At that time, people were influenced by the thought of the enlightenment and advocated the ancient Greek and Roman culture.

A country with unique preciseness and romance, which has been “finely cast” for generations, has achieved immortal legends in the history of World Architecture with vigorous and rigorous aesthetic architecture.

It is common in secular buildings, such as city hall, palace residence and rich businessmen’s residence.

In terms of Architecture, colonnades, temples The Arc de Triomphe and the column of merit have become examples to follow.

Niches and statues are sometimes set between the windows.

In terms of architectural outline, it pays attention to tidiness and unity, proportion and orderliness.


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