[Architecture] flash edition 𞓜 2021 first construction [real problem of Architecture] analysis

You can make an appointment in advance to set the alarm clock ⏰, Avoid forgetting that teachers of all subjects brought real problem analysis to you from September 12 to September 15.

Teachers will analyze the answers for you at the first time.

You are welcome to provide questions of various subjects.

The answers and analysis corresponding to the real question are for reference only.

You can make an appointment in advance (don’t forget to see an’ao ~) 👇 Click the picture below to reserve a live broadcast 👇 Here, Ann also arranges the timetables of other teachers for you.

The specific explanation is mainly based on the textbook.

  Welcome to provide real questions    At present, only some real questions can be collected.

  Real topic of No.

Shuttering Clamps

I share some collection and praise points.

I sometimes can’t reply in time to everyone’s questions.

I don’t panic after the exam.

1 Construction in 2021 (fresh version)   Examinee memory edition, organized by global online school ▼ special emphasis here! The 2021 real question we provided this time is the examinee’s recall version.

I can add a teaching assistant to ask first..

We should pay attention to the official account of the public number.

Junjun, Mr.

👇👇👇 I know the score early.

The specific time arrangement is as follows 👇 Click the picture below to reserve a live broadcast 👇 2021, the real problems of the first building are continuously updated.

Li Ying and other teachers will analyze the real questions of the examination, lead everyone to quickly analyze the examination situation and grasp the new trend of the examination from September 13 to 15   ⏰ At 19:00 p.m., An’an will bring #2021 live broadcast of the real topic of the first highway construction course # to you.

Finally, I wish all the examinees this year can pass every exam, and the plenary session of the exam is all right! Happy to take the card “celebrate” success! The following must pass characters are sent 👇 Used all say spirit~ 👇 Of course, in addition to the real questions in this part, after the examination, An’an, Mr.


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