[Architecture] design arrested! After the torrential rain in Henan, Party A of survey, design and supervision suffered

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After the “July 20” Torrential Rain Disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan provincial public security organ filed a case for investigation and arrested 8 enterprise personnel suspected of violating laws and crimes according to law.

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First, change the design without authorization.

The enclosure of the parking lot is designed according to the “100 year waterlogging water depth of 0.24M” of the ground terrain at that time, and the “100 year waterlogging” should be 0.5m after checking and calculation by the experts of the investigation team.

Third, the drainage function of the open ditch near the Wulongkou parking lot was seriously damaged.

398 people died and disappeared due to disasters in the province, including 380 in Zhengzhou, 10 in Xinxiang, 2 in Pingdingshan, Zhumadian and Luoyang, and 1 in Hebi and Luohe.

Ren Ligong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Zhengzhou Emergency Management Bureau, Zhao Yunchen, deputy general manager, chief engineer and Minister of technical management department of Zhengzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd., sun Hongliang, deputy section chief of rail transit section of Zhengzhou Engineering Quality Supervision Station, and other three public officials were filed for review and investigation by discipline inspection and supervision organs and took retention measures on suspicion of serious violations of discipline and law.

For the purpose of property development, Zhengzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd.

From July 17 to 23, 2021, Henan province suffered a rare rainstorm in history, resulting in serious floods, especially Zhengzhou suffered heavy casualties and property losses on July 20.

At the same time, Henan Province has seriously held accountable 86 public officials from the party committees and governments of Zhengzhou, Xingyang, Gongyi, Xinmi, Dengfeng, Erqi District and Jinshui District and the departments of emergency management, water conservancy, urban management, transportation, urban and rural construction, public security and traffic management.

Second, the quality of the water retaining wall of the parking lot is unqualified.

The banded soil is not cleaned in time, which hinders drainage.

moved the application garage of Wulongkou parking lot to the east by 30m and adjusted the ground layout to the layout of sinking by 1.973m, so that the parking lot is in a deep low-lying area, resulting in poor natural drainage conditions, which does not comply with the relevant provisions of the code for design of Metro.

Among them, Hou Hong, deputy secretary of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee and mayor, was given a serious warning within the party and administrative demotion, Wu Fumin, member of the Party group and vice mayor of Zhengzhou municipal government, was given the punishment of removing his party post and administrative demotion, and Li Xi’an and Chen Hongwei, member of the Party group and vice mayor of Zhengzhou municipal government, were given the punishment of recording major demerits.

On the west side of the open ditch, due to road construction, the spoil grows about 300m and is about 1m to 2m high.

Relevant units illegally installed a cover plate with a length of about 58 meters on some open ditches, reducing the water collection capacity.

Among them, Wei Ping’an, the person in charge of the parking lot construction project of Wulongkou station of Metro Line 5 of Zhengzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd., Wang Peng, the person in charge of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 of Beijing urban construction design and Development Group Co., Ltd., Guo Wensheng, the commander of the South Fourth Ring Road Project Department of Henan five Construction Group Co., Ltd., and other 8 people are suspected of major safety accident crimes and major liability accident crimes, He was placed on file for investigation by the public security organ and arrested according to law.

Other relevant responsible persons shall also be subject to accountability such as Party discipline and government sanctions or admonition.

Henan Provincial Discipline Inspection and supervision organ held 89 public officials suspected of violating disciplines and laws seriously accountable according to rules and disciplines according to cadre management authority.

Fear life, illegal design and construction.

It is a major design change, but it has not been reported for approval as required.

Without sufficient demonstration, the construction unit replaced the new fence in the west section of the parking lot with temporary enclosure, which accounts for more than 40% of the length and has almost no water retaining function; During the construction period, it also violated the basic construction procedures of the project, laxly controlled the construction quality of the project, and the enclosure was not built as per the drawing.

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