[architecture can be read] looking back at history, the spirit of Shanghai Drama shines in these buildings

Xiong fossi, the then president, solemnly took over the courtyard at 630 Huashan Road from Mayor Chen Yi, the school was officially renamed Shanghai Academy of drama.

Xiong Fosi sculpture Duanjun theater small theater building itself: the reconstructed Campus Center highlight building Duanjun theater of Shanghai Academy of drama was originally called experimental theater, also known as “small theater”.

Today, a group of drama artists and film actors are enlightened here.

It is the favorite place for morning students.

The building is of brick and wood structure, green and red bricks, clear water exterior wall, gentle four slope roof, open column Wai corridor and building base, which is typical of corridor style architecture in early modern times.

Zhu Duanjun in front of Duanjun theater is displayed inside Duanjun theater.

Looking back on history, the spirit was inherited the earliest.

This area includes landscape architecture, public space and well-known landmarks to form a characteristic cultural space..

Its predecessor was the studio of a foreign architect.

Colored glass of Yuxiu building the arched balcony of Yuxiu building is surrounded by clock in point 1.

This is xiongfo West building.

Small repairs over the years have lost the beauty of this old-fashioned building.

The replaced bluestone column base was also installed on site and retained as a relic of the old building.

When it is built, it integrates the characteristics of Chinese architecture and Western architecture, and delicately reflects the atmosphere, delicacy and elegance in the details.

There are 25 suspenders, all of which are electrically controlled.

It has both old Shanghai retro buildings and modern libraries.

It has its unique charm and beauty.

After the transformation, all the processes of the original building were restored to the greatest extent to maintain the original effect.

In 2000, because the brick and wood structure was in disrepair for a long time, Shanghai Academy of drama repaired it.

The shape, outline, color, material, plane reality, concavity and concavity, decoration, pattern and even environment of the old house have been painstakingly built by the designers in those years, and after decades of wind and rain washing, they all show the unique beauty of reproduction.

In view of the historical value of this architectural style and the historical significance of this building to the school, the school decided to not only improve the use function, but also retain the historical memory and the artistic aesthetic value of the building itself, so as to make it a landmark of the school.

Building repair: improve the function and retain the historical value.

Yuxiu building is one of a group of old houses in the 1920s and 1930s on the campus of Shangxi opera.

It was rebuilt from an indoor gymnasium in 1956, with 300 small practice theaters.

The facade of the old building was simply cleaned, and the added accessories were removed to clean the dust.

From 1956 to 1994, almost all important performances, student graduation public performances and internship performances were born here.

The theater has 288 seats.

This building is not called xiongfo West building.

Do you want to know the appearance and story of university campus in the early 20th century? This is a good place not to miss ↓ xiongfo West building itself: a combination of Chinese and western, exquisite and elegant Huashan Road Campus of Shanghai Academy of drama.

During the repair construction, special attention shall be paid to the protection, respect and continuation of the craftsmanship of old craftsmen.

A central exhibition area is built in the front hall, which can hold all kinds of painting exhibitions and design exhibitions.

The whole building is an arc-shaped building with glass curtain wall.

Many famous Shanghai films dubbed, music and recorded songs here, It was not until 1955 that the Shanghai Academy of drama moved here.

After the renovation, it was named “Duanjun theater”.

The statue of Mr.

Many production companies lacking equipment often came here to borrow equipment for post production of films.

Doors and windows are also restored as usual.

Thousands of theatrical artists, actors, directors, dance artists and so on have come out of this theater, reposing the theatrical feelings of generations of performers.

From 1956 to 1994, almost all important performances, student graduation public performances and internship performances were born here.

It is spacious and bright during the day and dazzling at night.

The flat ring arch ring door and window holes, brick pier decorative patterns and anti-collision treatment of wall corners shall be restored in accordance with the craftsmanship of the year and be meticulous; Similar tiles were found in the veranda.

Erection Anchor One Sided

During the overall repair, the large platform ceiling was removed to expose the beautiful gypsum decoration; Due to the elevation of the urban road campus pavement, the four grid steps and underground vents of the building are buried underground, the tall and straight golden ratio is out of balance, and the building is a little shorter.

Its aesthetic means are not ostentatious and noisy, but implicit and quiet.

After 1945, the second factory of the central film company, which returned to Shanghai, moved here and refitted the premises here as a film studio.

In the center of the building is a large open-air platform.

After Mr.

The outer hall on the first floor is the exhibition hall, and the second floor is the rehearsal classroom.

Yuxiu building has undergone several minor repairs, and the overall repair did not begin until 2003.

Gu Yuxiu, a Chinese master of Arts and Sciences.

Chisel the cement floor on the surface to expose the marble of that year; Every room in the small building has a fireplace.

The room with a semicircular balcony facing south is the living room.

It was designed into an arc according to the terrain, and the wall facing the campus was designed into a glass curtain wall.

For a time, it became a gathering place for Shanghai filmmakers.

Trim and reshape the big trees beside the building, plant and transplant new seedlings to make the building complement the old trees.

Before the reconstruction, the electric fans and wall lamps here were specially purchased by Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang and presented to the teachers and students of the opera school at that time.

During the renovation, the lighting, sound facilities, air conditioning and fire fighting in the building were completely transformed.

Renovation of Duanjun theater before reconstruction and after reconstruction: the appearance was redesigned and the interior was “reborn”.

The overhaul focuses on restoring the historical features of old buildings.

It does not have the small and exquisite personality characteristics of Chinese traditional garden architecture, nor does it belong to a rough, publicity and personalized architecture.

The theater was renovated in 2002.

Architectural repair: restore the original historical appearance and retain the design beauty.

It was built in the early 20th century, when it was a club designed and built by a foreign architect.

On the west side, there is a reference room, storage room, kitchenette and designer’s study, and on the north is the designer’s studio and dining room.

The indoor damp proof course was repaired, the porcelain tiles of the carved fireplace were repaired, and the gypsum moldings and decorations of the ceiling that had been submerged by lime were repaired.

After the renovation was completed in 2001, in order to commemorate the old principal’s contribution to the campus construction, the school decided to name the building “xiongfo West Building”.

Yuxiu building itself: a western style building with arched balcony.

The appearance is not amazing, but it is in this humble space that nearly 200 wonderful plays of all kinds were born.

The stage is 7.4M high, 9.3m wide and 2.8m deep.

Shangsheng Xinsuo is mainly composed of three historical buildings such as Columbia country club and 11 industrial transformation buildings that run through the growth of new China.

From 1956 to 1994, it was the only theater in the play.

The repaired building was named Yuxiu building to commemorate Mr.

Once selected as “China’s top ten beautiful universities”.

The appearance of Duanjun theater is not amazing, but it is in this humble space that nearly 200 wonderful plays of all kinds were born.

Today, in the Huashan Road Campus of Shanghai Academy of drama, there are not only Duanjun theater, which is known as the “cradle of academic dramatists”, but also old buildings such as Yuxiu building and xiongfo West building, which are the condensation of art and the witness of history.

At that time, this early false three story brick wood structure corridor style architecture was rare in Shanghai.

The inner hall is a 288 seat theater.

The appearance, materials and brick surface of each fireplace are different.

The theater has successfully held “China Shakespeare drama festival” and “international small theater drama festival”, and has received performances from many troupes all over the world.

When you walk into the high gate building at 630 Huashan Road, you will see an ancient, simple and quiet building with a wide front porch.

Shanghai Academy of drama is a beautiful and well-known institution.

The once closed terrace was demolished, the four steps buried underground were excavated, the underground moisture-proof course was restored, the terrace was restored, and the glass room was built to retain the original design beauty of the building.


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