Architecture assurance and Research – Harbin Institute of technology to Tsinghua: learning to dominate the way of senior students’ assurance

For students, the general process of insurance and research includes: all insurance and research parties can pay attention to the relevant notices of pre promotion and exemption of summer camp on the websites of colleges and departments in June, July, August and September.

Besides, we can also pay attention to some official account of the Research Institute..

It’s time! This issue is shared by: Senior w undergraduate college: C9 old eight school architecture 2016 guarantee and Research College: 2021 future habitat design direction of future habitat Research Institute of Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University (this article is authorized by the author).

     The dust of Baoyan has settled.

The guarantee and research examination of major colleges and universities is mainly carried out through summer camp and pre promotion.

Congratulations on the results of your brave efforts for four years! Li Xiang invited all outstanding senior students to share the hottest and most comprehensive experience posts and learn from the big guys.

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