Architectural version of midnight Paris, a 70 year urban wanderer!

From 1948 to 2020, Flaneur, a 19th-century French poet like Baudelaire, is the best interpreter of the modern space in Paris – Benjamin’s special exhibition Paris architecture (1948-2020): evidence of urban process, a five-year exhibition of the West Bank Art Museum and Pompidou Center, is on display.

Bolt Anchor

What is the charm of Paris? You can see midnight Paris from Woody Allen’s fantasy crossing film 10 years ago, or you can find the epitome in Paris 8 minutes, which shocked the world this summer! Over the past 70 years, 10 Pritzker Prize winners have gathered in the master lineup of 100 + original manuscripts & Architectural models for the first large-scale appearance in China.

Through 70 years of architectural legends, Niemeyer, Gerry, piano, Koolhaas 10 world-class architects such as Nouvelle and Tadao Ando, with their interpretation of Paris, jointly wrote the “Marseille of urban space”.

At the moment of urban renewal, crossing national borders and culture makes you re understand the charm of Paris! Paris architecture: a witness to the progress of the city, slide left and right.


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