Architectural structure examination task 2 (preparatory knowledge: Chapters 4-6; weight: 15%) questions and answers

wrong   test questions   In order to ensure that the plastering is firm, flat, uniform color and the surface layer does not crack and fall off, the construction must be carried out in layers, and the thicker each layer is, the better.

wrong   test questions   The plane size of the balcony should be uniformly arranged with the bay or depth of the connected room.

Flat Feed Anchor

yes   test questions   The organized drainage scheme in the text of the test question can be divided into two basic forms: external drainage and internal drainage.

On the test questions   When the ratio of long side to short side is no more than 2, the floor slab deflects in both directions, that is, the load is transmitted in both directions, which is called one-way slab.

Test questions of isolating air and transmitting sound   34.

For the awning with large length, in order to meet the needs of facade treatment, the peripheral beam is usually turned up into a side beam test question   One of the following statements about the function of the ceiling is ().

According to the different relative positions between the balcony and the inner wall, it can be divided into convex balcony, concave balcony, semi convex and semi concave balcony and corner balcony feedback questions   The part covered by the top floor of the building is ().

A layer of bottom ash, a layer of gray test questions   The main function of the bottom layer is () for indoor wall plastering and decoration.

Structural level test questions   The ground level of 27 test questions mainly includes the following basic levels ().

Isolate the sound transmission of solid and weaken the impact energy of solid   33.

There are two common methods, namely ()..

wrong   test questions   Compared with unorganized drainage, the structure of organized drainage is more complex and the cost is relatively high.

wrong   test questions   When the span of the room is large, if the slab floor is still used, the slab thickness will be reduced due to the large slab span.

yes   test questions   There are three types of plastic Wallpapers: ordinary type, foamed type and special type.

In order to effectively prevent indoor moisture and the damage of ground structure layer caused by moisture, necessary moisture-proof treatment shall be done to the stratum.

yes   test questions   2 text of the test question wooden floor has good fire resistance, durability and sound insulation ability, but it has been rarely used to save wood.

wrong   test questions   In order to facilitate cleaning and waterproof, glazed tiles are required to be installed tightly.

wrong   test questions   The double-layer steel lining composite floor slab is usually composed of two layers of profiled steel plates with the same section, or one layer of profiled steel plate and one layer of flat steel plate.

It started at 12:01 on October 20, 2021, and the status has been completed.

Cast in situ monolithic reinforced concrete floor slab, precast fabricated reinforced concrete floor slab and fabricated monolithic reinforced concrete floor slab   The following statement about precast reinforced concrete floor slab is wrong ().

Although wallpaper paste is cheap, and very water-resistant, easy to scrub, the most widely used test questions   47 the text of the test questions uses the waste materials of the edges and corners of stone materials, irregular plates, walls with various colors and inconsistent thickness refer to ().

The form of the roof has little influence on the characteristics of the building   The mechanism of flat roof water storage and thermal insulation roof is ().

Damp proof floor test questions   Among the many schemes of floor waterproof, waterproof is the best choice ().

The ceiling can also meet the use function requirements and people’s spiritual needs in physiology and psychology   One of the following errors in the balcony is ().

Test questions of plain soil compacted layer, cushion and surface layer   The reinforced concrete floor slab is divided into () according to different construction methods.

Prestressed prefabricated reinforced concrete floor slab can reduce the self weight, but greatly increase the cost   The method of adding damp proof course between ground cushion and surface course is called ().

wrong   test questions   The assembled integral reinforced concrete floor slab is an integral floor slab formed by prefabricating some components in the floor slab, installing on site, and then pouring concrete surface.

Roof test questions   The slope roof usually refers to ().

Add wall load-bearing test questions   One of the following statements about pasting the wall is ().

It took 10 minutes and 16 seconds to score 100 / 100.00 information text 1 and judgment questions (2 points for each sub question, 50 points in total) at 12:11 on October 20, 2021   The floor slab can effectively transfer the service load together with its self weight to other supporting components, namely walls or columns, and then transfer it from the walls or columns to the foundation.

wrong   test questions   The artificial stone wall is comparable to the natural stone wall, but the cost is higher than the natural stone wall.

The use of water evaporation requires a lot of vaporization heat, which consumes a lot of solar radiant heat exposed to the roof   The quality requirement standard for ordinary plastering in the text of the test question is ().

yes   test questions   Inverted thermal insulation is a closed thermal insulation layer formed by setting the thermal insulation layer above the structural layer and below the waterproof layer.

wrong   test questions   To prevent the downpipe from freezing and blocking in cold areas, internal drainage must be adopted.

Cast in situ floor test questions   The key point of the text of the test question is ().

wrong   test questions   24.

yes   test questions   In order to prevent rainwater on the balcony from flowing into the room, the ground of the balcony should be higher than the indoor ground.

One of the following mistakes about the awning is ().

yes   test questions   The rigid waterproof roof requires large base deformation, which is generally only applicable to the roof with thermal insulation layer.

The warehouse joint, also known as the grid joint, is an artificial joint set to prevent irregular cracks on the roof to adapt to roof deformation.

yes   test questions   7.

yes   test questions   In order to ensure smooth drainage of the floor, it is necessary to set a certain slope on the floor, and the greater the slope, the better.

Foamed Wallpapers refer to fireproof and waterproof wallpapers.

Its principle lies in ().

wrong   test questions   The rain canopy is located above the entrance and exit of the building, which is used to block the rain and protect the outer door from infringement, but it has no decorative effect.

wrong   test questions   The coiled material waterproof layer of coiled material waterproof roof has certain extensibility and the ability to adapt to deformation, so it is called flexible waterproof roof.

Rigid waterproof roof feedback test questions   One of the following mistakes about roof design is ().

Choose one: the ceiling can improve the indoor environment and meet the use function requirements.

Generally, mortar joints are not left, and fine joints are wiped flat with white cement.

Broken stone wall test questions   The installation of natural stone must be firm to prevent falling off.

Generally, the internal drainage scheme should be used as much as possible, because the organized drainage structure is complex and easy to cause leakage.

Single choice questions (2 points for each sub question, 50 points in total)   The floor layer is generally composed of several basic layers, such as surface layer, additional layer, structural layer and ceiling layer, of which the main bearing layer of the floor is ().

yes   test questions   The overhead floor is to raise the bottom floor so that the floor does not contact the soil to form a ventilation interlayer, so as to change the temperature of the ground and take away the underground moisture at the same time.

wrong   test questions   When the relative humidity of indoor air is high, dew condensation will occur on the ground due to low surface temperature, resulting in moisture on the ground.

yes   test questions   The stratum is in direct contact with the soil layer, and the water in the soil rises due to capillarity, causing the ground to be damp, but it usually does not affect indoor hygiene and use.

Bonding feedback test questions   The function of wall decoration does not include ().

wrong   Information text II.

Slope supporting test questions   The roof with fine stone concrete as waterproof layer is called ().

For the roof with steep roof slope, the slope is generally greater than 10%   The slope finding of the text structure of 39 test questions is called ().

Adding ceiling in the text of test questions can play the role of sound insulation.


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