Architectural structure examination task 1 (preparatory knowledge: Chapters 1-3; weight: 15%) questions and answers

Long test questions   The durability life of important historic, commemorative and representative buildings is ().

Building height test   Some engineering facilities built to meet the needs of production and life are called ().

Plate wall test questions   The following statement about the load-bearing mode of the wall is incorrect ().

Retaining wall design questions   47 the wall arranged along the horizontal axis of the building is called ().

Feedback questions for civil buildings, industrial buildings and agricultural buildings   When the total height of the building exceeds 100m, it is () for both residential and public buildings.

Its main materials are brick and mortar.

wrong   test questions   When designing the wall, we must consider meeting the requirements of fire prevention.

yes   test questions   The pile top load of end bearing pile is mainly borne by the pile end resistance.

Feedback questions of end bearing pile and friction pile   The pile foundation is generally composed of two parts, namely ().

yes   test questions   The brick wall is a masonry made of bricks with mortar according to certain technical requirements.

yes   test questions   The independent foundation of the text of the test question is an independent block form, and the commonly used section forms are step shape, cone shape and cup shape.

yes   test questions   The external wall of the text of the test questions mainly plays the role of separating the room.

The following group classified according to the height of buildings is ().

yes   test questions   In the non brick concrete structure, the wall may be a load-bearing member or an enclosure member.

Therefore, the exterior wall of the basement should be in accordance with ().

wrong   test questions   In the frame structure, the wall filled between columns is called infilled wall.

yes   test questions   The buildings used for planting, breeding and storage of agriculture and animal husbandry are called hydraulic buildings.

yes   test questions   The material and technical conditions not only limit the development space of architecture, but also promote the development of architecture.

Test questions of waterproof grade, fire resistance grade and engineering grade   For buildings with high fire resistance rating, the time of fire resistance limit of its main components ().

yes   test questions   The damp proof and waterproof of basement is the key link to ensure the normal use of basement.

Feed back your correct answer to the test question   The text of the test question is mainly divided into two parts, namely ()..

wrong   test questions   The durability of foundation is a sufficient condition to ensure the reliable transmission of building load.

The transverse stiffness of the building bearing the transverse wall is strong and the integrity is poor.

yes   test questions   7 the flexible angle of the text of the test question refers to the included angle between the lead of the foundation relaxation and the vertical line of the wall.

Masonry structure test questions   Compared with the text of the test question, the following structural forms are applicable to long-span public buildings.

yes   test questions   The basement required by the air defense requirements shall be provided with at least two staircases leading to the ground, and one must be an independent emergency exit.

It started at 21:48 on October 20, 2021, and the status has been completed.

More than 100 years of test questions   The lowest load-bearing member of a building refers to ().

Basic clear height test questions   From the perspective of economy and construction, on the premise of ensuring structural stability and safe use, priority should be given to ().

Horizontal wall test questions   The glass curtain wall belongs to ().

Super high rise building test questions   The following buildings must be equipped with elevators.

The structural form is ().

yes   test questions   Aerated concrete blocks are mainly used to build load-bearing walls.

yes   test questions   High rise buildings often use deep foundations, such as box foundations to build one or more basements, which not only increases the use area, but also saves the cost of indoor filling.

Natural foundation test questions   The vertical distance between the outdoor ground and the bottom of the foundation is called the embedded depth of the foundation, which is abbreviated as ().

yes   test questions   The raft foundation has good integrity and can span the local soft soil under the foundation.

yes   test questions   The reinforced concrete foundation has good flexural and shear properties.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

This structure refers to ().

yes   test questions   Any good design idea without technical guarantee can only stay on the drawings and can not become a real building.

wrong   test questions   Stone is a kind of natural material, which is mainly used for the non bearing wall of super high-rise buildings in cities.

High rise office building test questions   The vertical load-bearing member of the text structure is the wall built with clay, perforated brick or load-bearing reinforced concrete small block, and the horizontal load-bearing member is reinforced concrete floor and roof slab.

Pile body and platform test questions   The exterior wall of the basement bears not only the vertical load, but also the lateral pressure of soil, groundwater and soil frost heaving.

Shallow foundation feedback test questions   42.

Structure test questions   28.

wrong   test questions   Because the foundation is buried underground, it is difficult to check and maintain the house after completion, so its durability should be considered when selecting the foundation material and structural form.

Rigid foundation has low compressive strength and high tensile and shear strength   One of the following errors in the statement of pile foundation in the text of the test question is ().

wrong   test questions   The preparation of waterproof concrete not only meets the strength, but also focuses on the requirements of impermeability.

The pile top load of end bearing pile is mainly borne by pile side friction and pile end resistance, or mainly by pile side friction   There are many types of pile foundation, which can be divided into () according to the stress mode of pile.

Single choice questions (2 points for each sub question, 50 points in total)   26 the basic elements of building composition in the text of the test question do not include ().

yes   test questions   The building location and use function of houses are different, and the requirements for building structure are often different.

Spatial structure test questions   For high-rise buildings with large horizontal load, the preferred structural form is ().

One of the following statements about rigid foundation in the text of the test question is ().

yes   Information text II.

Test questions of reinforced concrete slab wall structure   The grade of civil architecture includes three aspects, namely ().

Because the waterproof effect of internal waterproof is good, it is widely used.

yes   test questions   The waterproof coiled material pasted on the outside of the basement wall is called external waterproof, and pasted on the inside is called internal waterproof.

Basic test questions   The external forces directly acting on the building are collectively referred to as ().

Load test questions   The soil layer that can directly bear the building load is called ().

It took 11 minutes and 44 seconds to score 100 / 100.00 information text 1 and judgment questions (2 points for each sub question, 50 points in total) at 22:00 on October 20, 2021   Architecture is not only the activity of building houses and engaging in other civil engineering, but also the result of this activity – buildings.

Wrong questions   Due to the large area of low-rise houses, the construction should be controlled in big cities.


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