Architectural language | design value

The indoor shear wall provides a buffer for the transition space of various scales.

Like this, it has a clear sense of hierarchy and highlights its design value – •                              01creative technique – multiple overlapping spaces in the project ensure the smooth progress of natural ventilation.

– •                              04   Light and shadow design – balconies and swimming pools are embedded in the main building rather than protruding outward.

The game between shadow and wanton growing plants creates a changing architectural skin on this canvas.

– •                              Architecture and space – the rough architectural surface is like a canvas.

– •                              02control the heat – the skin around the building can be regarded as the first layer of the double-layer buffer layer of solar heat radiation.

The transition space is divided by plants into a sequence of spaces from semi private to private.

Each architectural form has its own architectural language, gentle and delicate, bold and bold, round and square…

The skin of the building is made of concrete, with the texture of wooden template left on the surface.

In the design process of indoor and outdoor skin, the designer adopts a series of reasonable design techniques to minimize the sunlight directly entering the room every year.

Through the control of the window opening angle, the privacy of the space and the observability of the landscape outside the window are ensured to the greatest extent.

Straight Anchor

The sun will pass through this surface before entering any window.

This space subtraction makes the building cast a shadow at the entrance, and provides users with a panoramic view to enjoy the lush garden.

It blocks the sun and reduces the heat entering the living space.

At the same time, it considers privacy and skillfully avoids the line of sight from the outside- Mick International Design Institute, Singapore..


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