Architectural Engineering College won a good performance in the skill competition of Vocational Colleges in Shandong Province

In this year’s Shandong Vocational College skills competition, our college sent three teams to participate in the three competitions of “engineering survey”, “architectural engineering drawing recognition” and “Application of architectural decoration technology” on behalf of the school.

Based on the “1 + X” architectural engineering drawing reading skills and taking the actual engineering construction drawings as the carrier, the architectural engineering drawing reading competition focuses on assessing students’ core skills of accurately reading architectural engineering drawings and skillfully drawing architectural engineering drawings with CAD software.

Yan Wenjing and Zhang Deying, two students majoring in architectural decoration engineering technology, participated in the competition on behalf of the school and won the second prize.

A total of 22 Higher Vocational Colleges in the province participated in the competition in the form of group competition, with a total competition time of 13 hours.

The contestants overcame the adverse effects of the epidemic, withstood the test of the severe cold on the field, made positive preparations and calmly fought, and finally won the first prize of the competition.

After fierce competition, the team of Shandong Business Vocational College with Zhao Haicheng and Guo Lei as instructors and Li Shiqiang, Yan Zhuangzhuang, Chen Zuoyu and Wang Heng as contestants won the first prize.

The “Application of architectural decoration technology” project of Shandong Vocational College skill competition ended on November 29, 2021.

Both players should play well during the 13 hour competition.

Through this competition, the exquisite professional skills of business architecture students were fully displayed, and the practical teaching ability and level of the instructor team were further improved.

Waved Anchor

From December 10 to December 13, the “construction engineering drawing recognition” competition of Shandong Vocational College skill competition was held in Rizhao.

The total duration of each competition day is 300 minutes, and the total duration of the competition is 600 minutes.

The characteristics and difficulties of this event are as follows: first, the event is a team double event with a long duration.

In order to meet the new connotation and new demand of the transformation and development of construction industry and “new industrialization” for the knowledge and skills of high-quality technical and skilled talents in our province, It has laid a solid foundation to meet the professional requirements of front-line grass-roots technical and management posts in construction production and construction in the new era.

Second, the competition content is highly comprehensive and complex..

This competition is a team competition, with second-class leveling, first-class traverse and 1 : 500 Digital Mapping three sub events.

The competition mainly investigates whether the students have solid professional knowledge and skilled measuring instrument operation skills, as well as the craftsman spirit of teamwork, preciseness and meticulous, willing to contribute and dare to challenge, and good physical and mental quality.

The first day of the competition lasted for 8 hours and the second day for 5 hours.

The representative team composed of Jiang Yujing and Gu Wenzhe, two contestants majoring in engineering cost, won the second prize in the competition.

With the care and support of the school leaders, through the scientific guidance and hard work of the instructors, and the players’ hard training and hard work, the three events were listed on the list.

29 teams from the whole province participated in the competition.

This is another major breakthrough in the major’s business in 2021 after winning the second prize in the teaching ability competition of Shandong Vocational Colleges and successfully establishing three provincial scientific research projects.

Everyone can’t make any mistakes.

For a long time, taking the opportunity of Shandong Vocational College skills competition, adhering to the concept of “promoting education through competition, promoting reform through competition, integrating competition with education and integrating competition with training”, our college has accelerated the reform of talent training mode, closely combined with the “1 + X” certificate training mode, paid attention to improving students’ practical skills and comprehensive quality, and continuously improved the quality of talent training, It has cultivated a number of high-quality technical talents with craftsmanship spirit.

Through the competition, the training of students’ innovation ability and post practice ability has been strengthened, the effective transformation of professional knowledge and skills has been further realized, and the students’ technical skill level and map reading professional quality have been improved.

This is not only a test of the contestants’ professional skills, but also a test of the contestants’ physical strength, endurance and teamwork ability.

It is reported that the instructor team of engineering survey events formulated a detailed guidance plan during the preparation period to comprehensively guide and train the contestants from the aspects of theory, skills and psychology.

From December 13 to December 15, the “engineering survey” event of Shandong Vocational College skills competition, “Engineering survey” event of Shandong Vocational College skills competition in 2021 (higher vocational group) was held in Weihai vocational college.

The competition includes two modules of construction engineering drawing and construction engineering drawing, and four tasks: construction drawing of construction specialty, structure specialty and comprehensive drawing, as built drawing of construction specialty and detailed drawing of construction engineering.

The first three competition tasks are required to be completed by each player independently, and the last competition task is completed by two players of the participating team.

A total of 1 first prize and 2 second prizes have been won, which has achieved a new breakthrough in the effectiveness of the college’s skill competition.

Based on the guiding ideology of “restoring the real work situation, reflecting the complete work tasks, assessing comprehensive vocational skills and highlighting the test of adaptability”, the competition content takes a typical architectural decoration project as the carrier, integrates BIM Technology, prefabricated decoration technology and other modern cutting-edge technologies of the construction industry, and takes the national professional teaching standards, national technical specifications Based on industry standards and referring to the core tasks of enterprise technical posts, the participating teams are required to complete the four competition module tasks of architectural decoration construction drawing design, bill of quantities preparation, instruction deepening design and construction project management and practice within the specified time, and comprehensively investigate the architectural decoration scheme design, construction drawing deepening design Core professional skills such as selection and management of building decoration materials, preparation of bidding scheme and construction organization scheme of Building Decoration Engineering, preparation of cost budget of Building Decoration Engineering, etc.


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