Architectural design “large rollover” site, design and construction “love each other”

Hamburg Elbe Concert Hall – Iceberg infection skin disease? In 2016, after ten years of arduous construction, Herzog & de Meuron, a Swiss architect who built the bird’s nest, designed the knife   The Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg was finally completed.

Steel Chamfer

The Bank of thousands of miles collapsed in the ant nest.

Now it looks like “the dilapidated children’s palace in the fourth and fifth tier cities”, losing the smart and beautiful lines in the effect picture.

Behind the glittering gold lettered signboard of star architects, the construction team also controls and unremittingly adheres to the quality.

“Love and kill” is better than win-win construction.

The disillusionment of “spirit stone” in Guangzhou Grand Theater and improper construction have greatly reduced the expressiveness of the building.

The special-shaped space created by the building “female devil head” is organically intertwined with the landscape, and the shape is constantly changing and dynamic.

What if the design draft formed with so much effort falls short due to small mistakes in construction? For architectural designers, in order to accurately, safely and pragmatically transform their design results, they must understand and rely on the standardization of architectural construction.

The “drag” master design is not an example.

Although it did not become an expensive uncompleted project, the building was delayed for 6 years from the scheduled time due to engineering and other reasons, and the cost increased by about 10 times to 789 million euros, becoming the most expensive building in the world at that time,   At the time of completion, 12309 defects still exist in the whole building and need to be repaired.

However, due to the large scale, long construction period, complex construction machinery and technology, and the intersection of various operations, the standardization of construction is more difficult.

In addition to the above two examples, Bernard Qumi’s Tianjin Binhai cultural center exploration Museum, Zaha’s new century global center and other projects are also greatly discounted during construction and have a mediocre response.

At the beginning of its completion, there were various gaps in the skin of the building, the texture could not be connected, and even patches.

On this basis, the elegant concert hall opens up a new dimension and shows a luxurious and dreamy world,   Proclaiming the courage of the city  、 Creativity and unparalleled sailing style.

Compared with the dreamy and aesthetic design expression that does not stain the world, the built effect is still a certain distance from it.

Although it “hurts the eyes”, it doesn’t hurt people.

The Q & A applet written in the front has been launched.

The construction technology determines the quality and quality of the building   Applicability, safety, durability, economy and environmental protection,   Especially for excellent architectural designers, the quality of construction largely determines whether a good design work can be realized on schedule.

The transformation of scale and form, the transition between public and private, rich spatial characteristics and beautiful shapes make it the new heart of the music capital in northern Germany; The huge port warehouse terrace, like a public square, extends to the distance to show its extreme enthusiasm and strive to create a   “Concert hall for all”  。 The project was once seen as a scandal because the actual cost was much higher than the planned cost and the construction period was delayed many times.

With the unremitting efforts of the construction party, the seemingly untouchable design effect may be presented beyond imagination; Without the support of the construction party, even the design scheme and surprise of Tianzong wizards   Gorgeous   The stunning rendering drawings will finally come to an end.

If you want to add a group, you can add two groups.

It is composed of more than 5000 pieces of glass and 75000 pieces of stone, with the same size and different shapes.

They may be pure beauty to remember eternity; Or fearlessly embrace technology to explore the future.

There are 64 surfaces, 41 corners and 104 edges on the outer surface alone.

Standing on the wharf warehouse used to store tea, tobacco and cocoa, the 110 meter high new building is dazzling.

They swam in the dimensions of time and space, handed in the best answers to the problems of the times, but insisted on starting from the individual living quality and trying to find a solution to the double dilemma of material and spirit.

However, the completion of the building is never just the efforts of the architect.

Above the degree of completion, the safety of the building has also been questioned.

The super modern grandeur, charming geometry of the new building and the starry ceiling of the main auditorium of the grand theater make the audience relaxed and happy.

One year after opening, the building suffered a serious glass falling accident.

Under the cover of the night view, the building still presents the look in the effect drawing; During the day, the rough skin can be seen at a glance.

Due to poor maintenance in the later stage, it was originally called “like two spiritual stones washed by the Pearl River water”.

However, such a dynamic and aesthetic architectural modeling is because   The construction is poor, and the “landing” posture is slightly stiff.

Guangzhou Grand Theatre is located in the CBD of Guangzhou and designed by Zaha Hadid, winner of Pritzker Architecture Award.

The combination with the port warehouse is a tribute to the historical and social context.

Its unique shape implies the “gravel” washed by the Pearl River water, which is called “round double gravel”.

Beauty is discounted, but it is not the only criminal evidence of poor construction.

The huge investment also made the construction of Guangzhou Grand Theater once accused of being   “Burn money image project”.

Although the dreamy renderings made everyone look forward to it, the actual construction once collapsed.

Can the efforts of architects be respected, Vitruvius   Firmitas, utilitas, venustas   Whether the three elements can be truly realized ultimately depends on the management and quality of construction.

As a result, many good design teams are slowly changing to cross-border, taking into account the construction of the project in addition to the design, and leading the whole team, including the owner and the construction unit, to face the complex conditions and problems on the site together  .

It stands on the west side of the intersection of the central axis of the new city and the North Bank of the Pearl River.

Architects all know that when a case enters the construction stage, it is the real challenge, because they are faced with countless problems in the practice of design in reality, as well as the coordination and design treatment at the construction level.

You can click the following applet to ask any questions about the cost ~ ~ ~ group 1 of the Q & A exchange group is full.

Water, sky and city are reflected on the building facade, making the visual effect always in a flowing state and forming the feeling of ice.

The irregular glass cover and “ice hole” were joked by netizens:   “It’s not a building skin, it’s a building skin disease!” after the real completion of the project, the sky, lights, water and buildings complement each other, which somewhat weakens the discomfort caused by “dense phobia”.

The external cover of the new building is spliced by many irregular glass.

Each glass costs US $20000, and the semi three-dimensional balcony is designed as melting ice holes.

If it is not repaired in time, it will become a problem   “Dangerous building”.

It embeds, continues and shapes the urban texture, and integrates and coexists with the landscape.

However, when there are problems in building safety due to construction quality, even if the early design is perfect and flexible, it will be prohibitive.

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