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“ChengGou” was founded in 2008, and the two words “ChengGou” came from the Northern Qi Dynasty Book: “The more extensive the career of ChengGou, the more difficult the country will be, and the more lofty it will be.” It means: to create a larger and broader cause, to stabilize the country and prosper the country, to build a harmonious society, and to have high ambitions “.

He once said that the design of “concave-convex” series should continue.

Only the flowing breath can move people’s hearts.

From 2013 to 2020, Chen Zhanhui completed nearly 50 world-wide exhibitions with architecture as the starting point, walked through nearly 20 cities in 10 countries, connected more than 600 exhibitors, and more than 6 million on-site visitors, creating China’s first academic, exhibition, gallery of architects’ cross-border creativity A new system of auction, research and development and incubation.

February 9, 2020 is the anniversary of the year of Mr.

However, his “concave-convex” life, in the limited 50 years, has created the “concave-convex” infinite from the original square framework…

With the desire for a better life, we take design as the contact point, look at ourselves, and try to nourish the world we live in through design, transform design into a means of love, and give the most beautiful world imagination.

When the breath touches our hearts, the state at that moment cannot be accurately conveyed by vision.

Cast In Loop

He loves freedom and crosses the border again and again, from architecture to outside, from outside architecture to design for children.

It’s really a good name! It is exactly the “scholarly spirit, vigorous and vigorous” of their initial entrepreneurship.

Talk to architects, convey real values, and pay attention to “individual” thoughts – Chen Zhanhui has done too much in his life of building walking at the age of only 51.

I will also look forward to one day, in my works, breath will become a more pure existence, and the sense of form will either occur naturally or disappear.

It is more flexible and interesting to do this.

In a flash of six years, I listened to the architects’ stories, walked into their lives, and touched the joy of their deep soul.

From the “figure portrait” in the “time experience” to the resonance of words, pictures and videos, we hope to bring a little “new cognition” through dialogue.

He grew up in the city, but he looked to the vast world “outside the city”, launched the practice of new life, and explored the possibility of rural revitalization and urban-rural integration.

A life exhibition based on life is also a life movement about architectural ideas close to life.

Between the convex and concave, life changes.

When the “origin” is opened, breath should be born between people, buildings and nature.

Breath is a touch with life meaning.

Architects are miscellaneous, and to feel the architecture, they need to feel the space beauty of the architecture through six senses, namely “eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind”.

In addition to architecture and architecture, he was born in an ordinary worker’s family in Guangzhou and grew up in an arcade on Dezheng Middle Road in Guangzhou.

Chai Sheng: Truth and Freedom in Limitation is not a popular “slash youth” nowadays? I may be a “slash old man”.

Dialogue – architecture and architectural ideas are changing and awakening; Record – the individual and collective true record of self and era; Archives – the brand concern and archive value of this generation of construction practitioners; Salute – people, buildings and cities that are changing in our era.

The same is true when it comes to cities.

2021 is a leap year.

Design is usually wandering between limits, which is also a kind of relative non-freedom.

When the epidemic comes, we need to cross together.

Looking back on 2021, gratitude met in the process of recording.

Record “meeting” and pay tribute to 2021.

As recorders, they are more likely to enter a “world” and try to find another “world”.

When the industry is involved, we need to cross together.

This is a group with strange attributes.

It can be the world of people, the world of things, or the time and space of thought hidden in the interior.

There are also architects who are introspecting inwards and outward for the profession, which are out of the boundary setting.

Art should be done, and architecture should also be done..

Chengge, “a tree becomes a forest”, upholds the belief of inheriting Chinese culture through architecture, and achieves the realization of values at more levels from the value of a person or an institution.

The accessibility of breath will bring a little freedom.

I have a little ambition to find the origin and outlet of the breath in the limited and mixed environment, so as to find a bit of truth, which tends to be a natural state.

The architectural archives pay tribute to this article, “Life is also an exhibition”, and miss his “concave-convex” life above the border.

The presentation of formal sense is not only the buildings seen with eyes, just like our life, many things are invisible to the eyes.

Chen Zhanhui’s death.

The purpose of architecture is to open a breathtaking “air hole” in high-density cities.

If you give me some key words in the past six years: anxiety, encounter, temperature, thought, about people, soul, sense of life, stories, life, freedom, creative groups, and portraits of the stream of thought A discussion on the way of writing archives of people and enterprises subordinate to the construction industry.

In the past six years, I have met many people, most of whom are architects.

As for how to “cross”, how to “cross”? Maybe it’s more about “self”.

Based on this, an architectural archive about 2021 was written.

As for architectural archives, in 2021, they will continue to record Chinese architecture and Chinese architects, and record the awakening and growth of architectural enterprise ideas.


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