Architectural Aesthetics — Talking about the softest time in my heart

Deep smile modern Lin Huiyin who laughs so sweet, so deep and so round? A string of pearl size shining light, burst out of innocence! The bottom of the clear spring floats and flows to the water surface.

Formerly known as Shandong Han, wolf roaring moon, Qingnian, book Whisperer and snow falling Buddha heart, it mainly promotes public welfare reading on campus and community, looks for children’s behavior code, and gathers energy and educational narrative for books and people with similar souls.

Life is the main business and life is a sideline.

This is also the constant feeling of home and country.

Low paper oblique line idle grass, clear window fine milk play tea.

When you think of the past, you think of the past architecture, and the marriage story of the pair of architects in the beginning text.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the land is our root, the cloud is our fairyland, and the yard is the spirit of our roots.

No matter how far we go, how beautiful the bridge is, how big the mountain is, and how wavy the sea is…

Chinese people flow in the market and forget in the Jianghu.

Fine fragrance inadvertently, with the wind, blowing on the short wall, hanging nostalgia in front of the setting sun.

At that time, I didn’t understand the meaning of the poem, and I was already the person in the painting.

The small building listens to the spring rain all night, and the deep lane sells apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty.

Even if it is as slow as before, you can only love one person in your life without Internet or wechat…

Only with a courtyard can there be a hometown, and only with a hometown can there be poetry and soul.

Text / picture: Jia Hongmin is a maker of “Hemei education” subscription number and a member of the maker team of “smile story cabin”.

Rain and rain old cassock by Wang Shengpeng ↑ so far, at the winter solstice, I happen to like the rain and rain old cassock and poem by the master of this Zen Hall…

Swift Lift Anchors

Don’t sigh in plain clothes.

The red flag theater section of gaochengshui street ↑ if you feel young, continue the ancient creative life in the old house; If you think of the vicissitudes of life in the world, you can build the old courtyard into a paradise in the camellia of Zen books and live the life you want.

He gains love in the architecture, She incorporated a pleasing architectural aesthetics into her poetry.

It is brilliant and scattered! Who smiled so well that the flower blossomed? It’s so light that it doesn’t startle anyone.

Who makes riders Beijing.

He is also an ideal rural teacher.

The beginning of spring rain in Lin’an [song] Lu You: the taste of the world has been thin like yarn over the years.

Liang Sicheng, an architect, said: “for the Chinese people, only when they have their own yard can they really have a place for their spirit.” Chinese people love hard work and leisure; Palace officials travel all over the world and find hidden places in the South…

Chinese new makeup ↑ Chinese architecture gives us the deepest national memory, Chinese courtyard, with your softest life time: planting trees in front of the court and flowers in the courtyard; The sun is warm when the window is pushed, and the moon is inclined when the curtain is pulled; Chewing poetry in the belly, painting on the wall, filial piety in the same hall, knee around bamboo and horse.

Who laughs at the towering hundred story tower and lets unknown birds hover? Who laughs at the rotation of thousands of wind chimes and shakes the clouds from the eaves of each layer of glass? Gaochengshui street ↑ learn from things and cultivate poetic heart.

Fresh clothes, angry horses, Beijing, deep alleys and clear windows play tea…

I like to play with my life in the speed of fireworks, drink alone in poetry, wine and camellia; Use the traditional Chinese medicine to cure the poison for yourself, and use the mind of helping the world to apply the wound to the text…

You can get home at Qingming.

I like the quiet peace of winter night, listening to the snow falling on the Buddha’s heart, and the rain knocking on the wooden window in summer; Watching the sea in a foreign country, clapping hurdles with Jingtao, lying in the attic and enjoying the spring.

The image of Mission Hills Pavilion ↑ continues to this day.

In normal life, we should be serious and focused when we are busy and calm when we are relaxed.

Most of us still want to return to the most beautiful Chinese courtyard and enjoy the softest time in our heart.


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