Architect I.M. Pei’s ancestral home was auctioned! 10.9 million to buy a 200 ㎡ courtyard, 10 minutes to Subo! Netizen: I can’t afford it,

That is the glass pyramid of the Louvre in Paris.

As soon as the news was released, it attracted more than 9000 people to watch, because this ancestral home has a construction area of 146.56 m2 and a land area of 226.30 m2, The starting price is only 9.8 million yuan! After 23 bids, the final price of 10.9 million yuan fell! It is said that this building began in the Ming Dynasty and is also the ancestral home of a famous architect.

Pei’s ancestral home is even more attractive.

He once said, “my architectural design has never been deliberately sinicized.

Visiting scenic spots here is like going to the downstairs park.

Pei’s ancestral home! 145 square courtyard villa in Suzhou, with a transaction of 10.9 million yuan   Baijia No.: official number of Ali auction 2.

Finally, after countless doubts and slanders, it has become an indispensable symbol of France!   Suzhou gardens, the source of design inspiration   Let’s go back to the ancestral residence of the Ming Dynasty.

The two blend with each other like a whole.

The equivalent conditions are put in Hangzhou.

The three colors are intertwined, harmonious and elegant.

A garden courtyard in Suzhou city was sold for 10.9 million yuan, and the mystery of auction of I.M.

In addition, there are only famous scenic spots around, such as Humble Administrator’s garden and lion forest.

“Build it here,” he said without hesitation.

You know, this is the central area of Suzhou.

Pingjiang street, Gusu District, Suzhou is the core area of Suzhou.

No room, no bathroom! 10.9 million transaction! “Crazy” buyer quoted 11 rounds to buy the ancestral home of architect I.M.

After a careful look at the housing information, it is found that although the land area is 226m2, the house has no room, no bathroom and only one yard, but the geographical advantage of “located in Baita West Road, Pingjiang street, Gusu District, Suzhou” is quite eye-catching.

Not at a glance, but the more you see, the more beautiful you feel· Glass pyramid: a gem in the courtyard of the Louvre.

Among the many design schemes, I.M.

Pei is also one of the reasons!   Of course, in addition to its superior geographical location, “I.M.

Auction of I.M.

Pei’s ancestral home of the Ming Dynasty, a famous Chinese architect, appeared on the auction platform.

Combined with these elements, it is difficult to imagine that it was successfully photographed at the price of 10.9 million.

Pei, a world-renowned Chinese American architect, died on May 16, 2019, but the art he left to the world is an enduring classic· Suzhou Museum: Master’s masterpiece · among his many works, I have to mention the master’s masterpiece in his later years – the new museum of Suzhou Museum! Continuous pink walls and black tiles, soft curves are simplified, the appearance has geometric visual elements, and the characteristics of traditional Suzhou architecture can also be seen.

Rizhan Jun thinks that the traditional architecture in the south of the Yangtze River is the soul of the master’s design.

Pei is only 800 meters away and 10 minutes’ walk.

Pei + Pei’s architectural firm are sourced from the Internet-.

The news media at that time denounced it as “absolutely unacceptable”, “it was a cruel atrocity for the holy Louvre”, and the society was full of such things as “destroying both the Louvre and the pyramid” and “a huge and unreasonable thing”   A similar sound.

But the reality is that the glass pyramid “opens a window” to the main hall of the Louvre underground, allowing light to shine through the glass.

From the price point of view alone, it is “very cost-effective”! And the average price is about 70000 per square meter.

Pei’s “ancestral home” in Suzhou   Shangguan 3.

People no longer questioned the design scheme, but called it “a huge gem flying in the Louvre”.

It’s like living in Suzhou scenic spots! The surrounding supporting facilities are also quite complete: the transportation is convenient and developed, large business supermarkets, famous schools of primary and secondary schools are nearby, and it is 3 minutes’ walk from Suzhou municipal hospital! In terms of the surrounding environment alone, such a valuable lot is worth 10.9 million! Although the figures look scary, the market valuation of this building is 16.8 million yuan.

He looked at it from this angle in a pavilion on the hillside.

The new Suzhou Museum designed by I.M.

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Pei   Daily economic news photo material: Alibaba auction official website archdaily   Some pictures of ad Classics: Suzhou Museum / I.M.

So you may not have any concept.

In master Pei’s works, there is a building that makes many people who were not optimistic about it shout “true fragrance”.

Pei” is also one of the reasons why netizens sigh that the price is cheap! I.M.

Flower and bird market and Guanqian Street are also nearby.

Xiangshan Park was picturesque.

In an interview with the New York Times, I.M.

Pei’s glass pyramid design scheme was selected.

Many netizens are lamenting that “it’s really the price of cabbage”! “Although I can’t afford it, it doesn’t prevent me from thinking it’s cheap!” however, let netizens sigh that the cheap ancestral home is not just because of the price.

On the white stone wall, they contrast with the layers of the rock outline.

Then the voice of society changed.

They are related, but they are independent of each other in sense of existence.

Looking at the Louvre from the inside of the glass pyramid, it seems that the past and the present are integrated, shortening the distance between time and space.

Erection Anchor One Sided

From a distance, they look like ink paintings on rice paper! In particular, the stone bridge built in the courtyard on the water surrounds the pavilion in the center of the courtyard, and tourists enjoy the surrounding scenery around the cloister, just like traditional gardens.

The estimated value of this ancestral home is half a billion! After a round of analysis, rizhan Jun just wanted to say: Although he can’t afford it, the price is enough “cabbage”!   I.M.

This caused an uproar at that time.

According to rizhan Jun, the rocks in Shuiting are the most charming.

Maybe this is why netizens think ancestral homes in the Ming Dynasty are cheap! I don’t know what you think after reading it.

The general transaction price of villas is more than 200000 per square meter.

At that time, there had just been a light snow, and all the places he could reach were covered with a thin layer of snow.

Chinese culture has a deep impact on me.

In the early 1980s, the then French president decided to rebuild and expand the Louvre.

Through these buildings, it seems that you can see the shadow of those works.

Pei said: “in the west, architecture is architecture and garden is garden.

Today, rizhan Jun will take you to know more about it!   No room, no bathroom, but the geographical location is superior!   This ancestral residence of the Ming Dynasty is a typical Suzhou garden style courtyard, with white walls and black tiles full of Jiangnan charm.

I deeply love Chinese poetry, painting and gardens, which is the source of my design inspiration.”.

However, I.M.

Transferred from: ID: Japanese design this article has been authorized, and the price is very cost-effective, but I can only see – some time ago, I.M.

When selecting the site, he came to Xiangshan.

It also allows visitors to look up at the Louvre from the inside.

The former residence of celebrities always has inexplicable attraction, which makes people want to feel the growth environment of celebrities when lamenting their achievements.

But in China, architecture and garden are a whole, and they blend with each other.”  · Xiangshan Hotel: the essence of China’s national architectural art, another China’s traditional classical garden art building, is the master Ieoh Ming Pei took over the design of Xiangshan Hotel.

When we see the Xiangshan Hotel in winter, we can realize Beilao’s amazing mood at that time! In addition, for the decoration of Xiangshan Hotel, from outdoor to indoor, white is the main color of the building, followed by gray, and yellowish brown is used as an ornament in a small area.

Let’s talk about what’s around the building.


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