Appreciation of the winning projects of the 9th Architectural Creation Award – Excellence Award · public architecture (I)

At the same time, around the architectural functions and main moving lines, the design is interspersed with a variety of outdoor ecological courtyards and rich communication space..

The external is in quick contact with the operation center, the entrance and exit of the park and the canteen, which is convenient for efficient data transmission and living services.

When the R & D project is completed, the research team is dissolved.

The public inner courtyard is enclosed inside, which is a place for scientific researchers to rest and communicate.

Therefore, the main material color is white tone imitation stone concrete, which is not only low-key and stable, but also shows the sense of existence.

As the main expressive element, the cornice adopts white gray concrete hanging plate, staggered joints in the horizontal direction and close fitting of vertical tongue and groove, so as to enhance the sense of volume of the facade, weaken the scale of groove division and reduce the sense of massiness of the cornice- 02 – Jiangsu Jianzhou headquarters office building [project address] east of Zhenzhou North Road and north of Sports Park Road in Yangzhou [main function] office [design unit] Shanghai Dushi construction architectural design firm Co., Ltd.

From the beginning, we abandoned the traditional peak cutting and valley filling treatment, but took the mountain as the construction element, adopted the design concept of “homeopathic construction”, and explored the new possibilities of space and experience by integrating with the mountain.

As one of the modern architectural practices facing the cultural tradition of Yangzhou, office buildings, whether from the architectural function, fit the actual needs, integrate the local urban elements, combine the modern green construction technology, create a new office space, adapt to the functional needs of different periods and ensure sustainability; Or from the image, reproduce the atmospheric charm of Yangzhou, the prosperous representative of oriental history and culture in the Sui and Tang Dynasties; Then, under the tight design cycle and construction period, how to control the details to make the building not only stay in the effect drawing, so as to ensure the completion effect.

Sanya R & D unit group of CETC Marine Information Technology Research Institute is the R & D space for the project scientific research team.

At the same time, the landscape vision of each functional group does not block each other, and the roof of the next floor is also the platform of the upper floor.

As the first project in the whole area, it will become the portal image of the whole new area and exhibition after completion.

The traffic space design combines the single module and the outdoor inner courtyard to create a three-dimensional connection system.

Therefore, how to reflect the characteristics of Chongqing and show the style of the two rivers has become the beginning of thinking.

Local commonly used materials and conventional practices shall be adopted for building construction to avoid special practices in construction and reduce construction difficulty.

The arc surface forms a diffuse reflection and neat shadow relationship to the light.

All constructions start from function.

The neat geometric sequence and far-reaching cornice shadow deduce the modern interpretation of the charm of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Located in the Innovation Zone of Liangjiang New Area, the project provides office, catering, exhibition and other functions for the construction command center of the new area, covering an area of about 3000 square meters.

The purpose is to better let researchers reach each monomer, which can be easily combined and separated.

The society will organize and edit the award-winning projects, invite readers to appreciate excellent cases and open new ideas for architectural creation.

of Tongji University [main finishers] Zhao Ying, Yao Zhen, Han Yujia [completion time] On September 2018, Sanya R & D Center (phase I) project of CETC Marine Information Technology Research Institute is located in Lingshui base of CETC marine information industry in Qingshuiwan International Information Industry Park, Lingshui County, Hainan.

So far, it has carried out nine sessions, excavated a group of talented architects, actively promoted the architectural originality in Shanghai, and vividly interpreted the connotation of “architectural creation”.

   – 03-   Sanya R & D center group of CETC Marine Information Technology Research Institute [project address] office of Qingshuiwan International Information Industry Park, Yingzhou Town, Lingshui County, Hainan [main functions] [design unit] architectural design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.

Lifting Socket

Introduction since 2006, Shanghai Architectural Society has established the “Architectural Creation Award”, which is selected every two years.

These are the representatives of this construction.

The scientific research team can select one unit or a combination of multiple units according to different research projects.

The positive and negative overlapping arrangement of tiles takes into account the unity of outdoor appearance at the same time.

As the first single family multi-storey office building in the first development zone of the park, building 9 undertakes different functional requirements in different periods.

It is located in the most prominent position in the southwest corner of the base.

Considering the external shading in the high-rise area of the building, the line of sight blocking and noise weakening effect on the high-speed railway line, the mesh skin is carefully designed outside the three and four layers of glass on the south side of the building.

At the same time, it also needs to meet the basic office and living needs of the staff of the construction unit.

Commercial office building is not only the key to corporate image, but also the window of urban culture.

The base is located at the local commanding height, facing the lake in the East and overlooking the panoramic view of the new area on three sides, with excellent landscape resources.

Respecting the mountain is respecting the “context of Chongqing”.

A total of 1085 projects participated in the 9th Architectural Creation Award.

The three functional groups of catering service, office and exhibition hall are staggered along the mountain elevation according to the functional attributes, so as to minimize earthwork adjustment.

It is a small complex with complex functions.

[main finishers] Ling kege, Hu Wei, Ding Tianqi [completion time] 2020 Chongqing is a mountain city.

The perceptual effect of people and space is closely related to work efficiency.

The vertical entity adopts dark gray cultural stone, whose rough texture is integrated with the mountain, and forms an interesting contrast with the delicate white main material.

This flexibility and flexibility in use, as well as the appropriate unit size, well meet the needs of different R & D projects.

As a mountain city, Chongqing is the most important feature and carrier.

There are four floors above the ground and one floor underground, with an aboveground construction area of 5000 square meters.

The standardization, high repetition rate and modularization of construction components greatly reduce the construction cost and speed up the construction speed.

After two high-level expert reviews, a total of 407 award-winning projects were selected, including 48 Excellence Awards, 162 excellent work awards and 197 nomination awards.

Different research projects will be used by different R & D teams.

It is an important scientific research base of CETC Marine Information Technology Research Institute in Sanya, Hainan.

[main finishers] Hu Wei, Li Lian, Zou Tianchen [completion time] 2019.129 building is the representative building of Jiangsu Jianzhou headquarters office park, It is full of more experimental.

Due to the design idea of unit module, it has created conditions for reducing construction cost from the beginning of design.

The exterior wall adopts conventional coating practice, and the building has no decoration.

The east side is the main road, the south side is the west side is the secondary road, the geometric shape of the land is narrow and long, and the site drop is as high as more than 20 meters.

Therefore, for such use requirements, the best strategy is to adopt modular unit design.

Reasonable commercial office building design provides a stable gear for social operation, integrates into urban culture and highlights the unique charm of the city   Appreciation of current project  · Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone Σ Space · Yangzhou headquarters office building built in Jiangsu Province · Sanya R & D center group of CETC Marine Information Technology Research Institute · headquarters building of New Development Bank · Technology Building 101 of COMAC civil aircraft test flight technology park · transformation of Shanghai Tengfei building-01 – innovation of Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone Σ Space [project address] Jinyu Avenue, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing is close to Yufu road   [main functions] office and Exhibition [designer] Shanghai Dushi Architectural Design Firm Co., Ltd.

Adopt low-cost passive green design, make full use of natural lighting, do a good job in shading and organize effective ventilation.

Most of Chongqing’s lead gray is gloomy, and gray and dark colors are easy to give people a depressing feeling in this environment.

The R & D Center cluster is arranged in two columns as a whole.

During the construction of the park, as the construction headquarters of the park, it needs to be equipped with exhibition halls with different attributes to display the construction standards, planning concepts and supporting services of the park in the future.

The team wants to present pure and low-key architectural characteristics without showing off the facade.


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