Application of Feng Shui in modern urban architecture

The impact of large environment, medium environment, small environment and housing on people has also become a new subject.

  Xun Gua: five elements: Wood [figure]: eldest daughter (body): limb, thigh, Qi, wind disease[ Azimuth]: Southeast.

8、 The house type shall not have beam capping.

We can also see that China’s Feng Shui concept is actually influenced by Chinese traditional Confucianism, Buddhism The profound influence of Taoist philosophy and Chinese traditional aesthetic thought is the product of the synthesis of Chinese culture.

However, many developers and builders lack basic environmental science knowledge in community construction, building layout planning and house type design.

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of China’s economy, all walks of life are showing a prosperous and prosperous scene.

Chinese cultural tradition stresses the “unity of heaven and man”, and advocates that man and nature complement each other, coordinate and unify, which is consistent with the proposition of Feng Shui.

4、 The house type does not open the door and sees the kitchen restaurant, or the unit door is facing the kitchen door.

However, after some enterprises moved to a new site, their business plummeted and were on the verge of bankruptcy, which was also directly related to the construction environment.

7、 The bathroom door in the master bedroom should not face the bed.

5、 The house type should not be open to the toilet or directly facing the toilet.

In particular, the real estate development industry has obtained unprecedented development opportunities.

However, this is what the majority of owners are most concerned about.

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⑶ it is located on the river terrace, which not only has fertile farming soil, but also can avoid being attacked by flood.

10、 The kitchen of house type shall not be in the northwest.

The details are as follows: first, the house type structure cannot be a triangle.

Healthy housing not only attracts the attention of real estate development enterprises, but also is the foundation of our easy learning and architectural environment.

After years of research and practice, the first saints have summarized practical Feng Shui operation methods to create a livable home building Feng Shui environment for customers! The royal palaces, folk houses, monasteries and monasteries, and mausoleum gardens built in the past dynasties are all based on the theory of Yi, forming a rich and colorful architectural environment culture.

2、 The house type has no long corridor facing the front door of the unit.

Door rush principle, adverse to health.

The Northwest qiangua also represents the respiratory system, official position and the elderly.

In Environmental Science, philosophy, environmental psychology, aesthetics and physics are used to explain and deal with the contradictions between environment and people, architecture and people, people and housing and so on.

The house type should be square and square without missing corners.

(4) if it is on a hillside, it is generally on a sunny slope.

Such as the golden mean, the high-level forum on Yi ology and architectural culture, the winding path leading to seclusion, the beauty of music, the radiation of magnetic field, the psychological hint and so on.

Kangua: five elements: water [character]: middle male (body): ear and blood.

Therefore, improving the Feng Shui layout of companies and houses will help prosper the road to success.

Kidney[ Orientation]: Northern trigram: five elements: fire [character]:   Middle female (body): eyes.

Obviously, modern environment, space, ecology, psychology and other sciences coincide with some Feng Shui theories to a certain extent.

3、 House type: vestibule and back bedroom, large atrium and small bedroom.

Triangle five acts as fire and does not accumulate gas, which is contrary to the principle of accumulation of wind and gas.

Divinatory symbols: five elements: Earth [figure]: girl (body): tongue, mouth, throat, lung [disease]: diseases of mouth, tongue, throat, asthma, poor diet[ Azimuth]: West.

In order to fully and accurately explain the relationship between man and nature, the eight trigrams are listed: Qian trigram: five elements: gold [character]: old man (body): head and lung[ Azimuth]: Northwest.

At present, in real estate development, customers pay more attention to the environment, landscape and residential culture than ever before.

If there is a lack of angle and Tai Chi is incomplete, it is defective.

Chinese traditional residential culture is an ideology based on environmental science.

For example, in Banpo site, cemeteries were arranged outside residential areas, and the conscious separation of residential areas and burial areas became a precursor to the later distinction between Yin houses and Yang houses.

In real life, after someone moved into a new house, his career was not smooth, his family was not harmonious, he broke money to provoke right and wrong, and his children’s learning performance decreased.

The development of geomantic omen in China has a long history and has a history of more than three years.

The center is hyperactive and unstable.

Those who learn Feng Shui and those who do not know Feng Shui know that the scientificity of Feng Shui has always been the focus of debate.

Gate Chong is unfavorable for wind accumulation.

The bedroom should be small rather than large.

(2) it is located at the intersection of rivers with convenient transportation.

With the progress of human society and the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the level of living environment.

In fact, in one’s life, the human body constantly exchanges material, energy and information with the outside world, and the reflection on the changes of natural electromagnetic waves must be accompanied by some physical and chemical phenomena (some scholars have successfully tested people, animals and plants with instruments).

Gold is defeated by fire.

Vibration divination: five elements: Wood [figure]: long man (body): divination of feet, liver, hair and voice[ Azimuth]: East.

Or you’ll have a headache.

This paper aims to explore the organic combination and practical application of Yi ology and architectural Feng Shui layout, and then how to benefit mankind.

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the advocacy of “realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” has become more and more urgent“ Enhance national cohesion, inherit and carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture “, so as to highlight its due role and value in the development of contemporary China and the world, and radiate its brilliant light again.

9、 The stairs of multi-storey buildings should not be located in the indoor center.

Kun hexagram: five elements: Earth [figure]: old woman (body): abdomen, spleen and stomach[ Azimuth]: Southwest.

Door punch, dirty gas punch.

The toilet is water and the kitchen is fire.

6、 House type kitchen and toilet should not be set at the indoor central point.

Therefore, it is necessary to give buyers a scientific and reasonable explanation and statement.

In short, while observing the environment, people began to choose the environment actively.

Nowadays, because developers excessively pursue visual perfection and profit, buildings have been more and more far away from the requirements of Feng Shui in construction and layout, so disasters can be seen everywhere.

It is not difficult for us to see the traces of the development and application of geomantic omen from the ancient buildings of previous dynasties.

During the Yangshao culture period, the site selection of settlements has an obvious tendency of “environmental selection”, which is mainly manifested as follows: ⑴ close to the water source, which is not only convenient for domestic water intake, but also conducive to the development of agricultural production.

According to the principle of eight trigrams corresponding to people and things, what angle is missing is unfavorable to who and what.

Moreover, the most direct expression of architectural environment culture can be called “time and space”, that is, the time and space, situation and orientation of all buildings are different, their Qi is also different, and the final good and bad luck is also different.

As early as six or seven thousand years ago, the Chinese ancestors had a high level of choice and understanding of their living environment.

Many archaeological data confirm that paying attention to people’s living environment is an important content of Chinese local culture.

Good feng shui can improve people’s fortune, make homeowners healthy, successful and rich.

How to make the environment, housing and people achieve harmony and even promote each other to a certain extent has become a common topic for home buyers and developers.

Its essence is a knowledge of people’s choice and treatment of residence and environment.

The door rush principle is bad for wealth.

From the situation of ancient cultural sites, it can also be judged that there have been relatively clear functional divisions in the areas where people live together.

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There is no doubt that this has become the unshirkable historical responsibility and sacred mission of the contemporary Chinese people, especially those who learn to change.

A series of physiological and biochemical phenomena occur in the human body under the influence of the outside world, which provides a basis for the function of Feng Shui.

Heart[ Orientation]: Southern gengua: five elements: Earth [figure]: children (body): fingers, bones, nose and back[ Azimuth]: Northeast[ Diseases]: diseases of fingers and stomach.


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