Another construction central enterprise international group was established, and the infrastructure maniac went to sea in an all-round way!

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☟☟☟ in terms of CSCEC, international enterprises were established earlier.

In terms of China Railway, China Railway International Group Co., Ltd.

Super architecture learned that before the establishment of the international group, China could build in the overseas market for a long time.

Among them, “1” refers to “one body” China energy construction international group, which is the main body responsible for China energy construction’s overseas development and management; “2” refers to “two wings” and two platforms, China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.

in Beijing, with a registered capital of 5.41 billion yuan.

☟☟☟ in terms of China power construction, on July 1, 2012, China Power Construction Listed and established China Power Construction Group Overseas Investment Co., Ltd.

At present, it is also developing well.

On September 29, an important news came from China energy construction group.

China Overseas Group Co., Ltd.

Projects are under construction in 17 countries and regions such as Venezuela, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and Nigeria.

Its business scope covers many countries and regions in Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and central and Eastern Europe.

was established in Hong Kong as early as June 1979.

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I wish all international groups better development! More highlights Click to view the 63.3 billion project won by China railway construction, the chairman of CSCEC as the acting governor of Shandong, and the chairman and general manager of China Railway won the 64.1 billion project.

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The inauguration of China energy construction international group is another milestone in the international development of China energy construction.

The newly established China energy construction international group was officially inaugurated in Beijing.

was established in 2013, which was integrated by the former China Railway International Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd., China Railway Venezuela branch, Oriental international construction branch and China Railway Laos branch.

Among them, the six centers are the strategic control center, resource integration center, performance evaluation center, operation control center, risk control center and Value Creation Center for China’s overseas business.

This is another international company group established by the central construction enterprise, which means that China can further accelerate the pace of going global.

under China energy construction Gezhouba Group and China Power Engineering Consulting Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.

With a registered capital of 2.5 billion yuan, China Railway International Group has jurisdiction over 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 8 branches, 3 holding subsidiaries and 9 overseas offices.

invested 3 billion yuan to establish China Railway Construction International Group Co., Ltd.

It is understood that CRCC international currently has 39 formal registration institutions in 32 countries and regions, covering more than 50 national markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, forming an efficient and fast global market operation network.

Building 1 + 2 + N + X is to build a “1 + 2 + N + X” international business management structure of “one body + two wings + backbone enterprises + potential enterprises”.

China energy construction has been involved in international business since the 1970s.

It has five listed companies: China Overseas Development Co., Ltd., China Construction International Group Co., Ltd., CNOOC Property Group Co., Ltd., China Overseas Hongyang Group Co., Ltd.

At the same time, the chairman and general manager of this Engineering Bureau adjusted 18 benchmark enterprises of eight Central Construction Enterprises, shocked and released the profit ranking list of 54 secondary enterprises of China Railway, forwarded and shared the information about super buildings, QQ: 542115527..

It is understood that the development objectives of the newly established China energy construction international group can be summarized as: building six centers and building 1 + 2 + N + X.

and China Construction Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

In addition, China Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

In terms of China railway construction, in 2012, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd.

its business covers real estate development, infrastructure investment, property services and other fields.

By the end of 2020, PowerChina offshore investment corporation has 36 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries at all levels, 5 joint-stock companies and 1 representative office in 16 countries and regions.

was established in 1979, formerly the foreign aid office of the Ministry of Railways of the people’s Republic of China.

The strength of China Overseas Group is very strong.

The economic benefits of the enterprise are also very excellent.

In 2020, the annual contract amount of China energy construction international business is about 170 billion yuan, the contract reserve is more than 700 billion yuan, more than 200 medium and large-scale projects are under construction, and the contract amount under construction is about 500 billion yuan.

At present, several major construction central enterprises such as China Railway, China Railway Construction and CSCEC have established international groups and become the flagship enterprises of various enterprises operating overseas.

CRCC international has signed and implemented a number of influential projects around the world and achieved good development.

It was originally a central enterprise group and later incorporated into China railway construction.

under China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd; “N” refers to a number of backbone enterprises carrying out international business in China energy construction; “X” refers to enterprises that have the potential to go global, have certain international experience and can be cultivated into a new force in international business in the future.


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