Announcement of major projects of CSCEC

It focuses on the 320 construction technology videos, 300 PPT/PDF hundreds of professional knowledge points, and some other points..

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Announcement of major projects ▼ wonderful recommendations in previous periods ▼ 1.

Social recruitment announcement of the subsidiary of China Construction Fourth bureau! College can be reported + annual salary of 200000! 3.

Latest! The Ministry of housing and urban rural development has issued 9 national standards! All provisions must be strictly implemented! The quality official account is recommended to be long by the two-dimensional code.

Spend 20 billion to save Evergrande, the invisible tycoon is on fire…

The project supervision of these projects will be cancelled and managed by the construction unit! More than 5, 1300 yuan / ton of cement is coming! The business mix has risen sharply, and there are work stoppages in some areas! 6.


Obtain the registration certificate of first-class constructor and supervision engineer, and can directly assess and identify the senior engineer! Local clear 2.

Content source: China Construction Financial Media Center recently obtained the following major projects, which are hereby announced for investors’ reference.


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