Analysis of house type — Interpretation of life ideal with temperature buildings

From cold bricks and tiles to a building containing life, the construction of each “home” comes from the emotion placed by the residents and the soul shaped by the builders’ painstaking efforts.

Sunshine four seasons City delves into the city’s cultural heritage and living habits, creating a spacious residential area of about 124-173 m2.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

The founder house type is clear, and the dining room balcony is integrated and transparent.

The whole living space can avoid indoor humidity and germs, and can take better care of the body and mind of the family.

It carries the living needs of the elite with a luxurious and appropriate living standard.

The sun passes through the hall and the light is bright.

The large bay faces south, ensuring sufficient sunlight, allowing residents to collect flexible and warm light and shadow changes; Wide face design, containing sunshine and breeze, deduces comfortable temperature life.

Humanized house design interprets the ideal space of life and records the beauty and comfort of life.

Only by understanding the house of life can we understand the art of life.

Left slip.

Founder pattern has beautiful light and shadow in the four seasons and sunshine in the four seasons.

The urban construction area in the four seasons is about 124-173 m2.


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