[always ring the safety bell and tighten the safety string] pre Festival safety education theme class meeting of College of Architectural

The annual national day of class 3 of grade 19 project cost has come.

When taking a bus, pay attention to your property and traffic safety.

The teacher told us the following points: 1.

The theme class meeting was presided over by counselor Yang MENGNAN.

Then teachers and students discuss together: combined with the key points of attention drawn by students before class, they jointly formulate specific safety measures.

Zebra crossing, sidewalk, etc.

Then, the teacher showed the collected unsafe cases to everyone, and randomly selected students to introduce the cases around them.

First of all, explain the importance of safety and law-abiding, so that students can firmly establish The idea of “safety first”.

The vehicle shall not be close to the vehicle until it has stopped stably.

It is forbidden to ride a bicycle on the road.

There is no future without safety.

Don’t run a red light or rush to the road with motor vehicles.

It is forbidden to climb dangerous places.


When playing entertainment facilities, pay attention to follow the instructions of the staff and understand the precautions for the use of the facilities.

Cross the street and take the crosswalk, and abide by the traffic rules of “one look, two stops and three passes”.

The college has always attached importance to safety work.

Observe public order and wait in line.

Grade 19 project cost class II   In order to improve students’ concept of law-abiding and self-defense ability, enhance students’ safety awareness, make students think of safety in danger, take precautions, and spend a safe and happy National Day holiday.


The theme class meeting was presided over by counselor Guan Weijie.

Class 2 of grade 19 project cost of College of construction engineering held the theme class meeting of safety education before National Day on September 28, 2021.

When swimming, pay attention to the depth of the water and wander where your strength can reach.

It shall not be crowded when getting on and off.

Through this theme class meeting, the students have deepened their understanding of safety and its importance, further improved their ability to prevent safety accidents and prevent them before they happen.

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Class 3 of grade 19 project cost of College of architectural engineering held the theme class meeting of safety education before the national day at 106 Hongxue building on September 28, 2021.

As long as we can be careful everywhere, pay attention to safety, master the knowledge of self-help and self-care, exercise our ability of self-care and self-help, and deal with all kinds of abnormal situations or dangers wisely and bravely, we can spend our holidays safely and grow up healthily..

When climbing the mountain, pay attention to wear sports shoes.

It is forbidden to charter cars, especially black cars and individual transport vehicles with incomplete procedures.

Remind students to pay attention to bus safety when going home and traveling, and take good care of their money and belongings.

At the same time, pay attention to stay with your relatives and do not leave without authorization.

Respect for life and keep the alarm ringing.

In order to enable all students to have a safe and meaningful holiday and completely eliminate all abnormal accidents among students during the national day.

shall be taken when crossing the highway, and shall not be crossed at will.


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