After only 12 months of operation, the construction company went bankrupt because it owed nearly $170000

The rest is the claim fee.

The report found that the company owed a total of $167938, including $62463 to the IRS and $101358 to unsecured creditors.

Trevor and Emma Laing of Trevor Laing and associates have been appointed as joint liquidators and have issued their first six-month report.

“The preliminary investigation clearly shows that further investigation is needed into the transactions carried out by the company,” the report said.

Investigations into the value of these items and collection arrangements continue.

Thrivehomes Ltd was liquidated by the high court of Dunedin in October after the application of the unsecured creditor trademax nzltd.

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Photo source: Peter McIntosh / nzherald romeril is also a shareholder and sole director of Seaview cottage construction Ltd, which is also in liquidation.

It is too early to predict whether there are enough funds to pay dividends to unsecured creditors.

According to Seaview’s six-month liquidation report last month, the company owed $738000 to its creditors.

Romeril has been contacted for comment.

A liquidator’s report said that nicotine, a construction company that had only operated for 12 months, went bankrupt and entered the liquidation stage because of its arrears of nearly $170000.

The liquidation is expected to be completed within the next 12 months.

PVC Chamfer

However, the level of concessional debt and available assets suggests that this is unlikely, the report said.

The liquidator has been informed of several disputes related to the activities of the company and its directors.

Campbell David romeril of port Chalmers is listed as the sole shareholder and director of thrivehomes on the company’s website.

The report said that the company’s total assets have not been determined, but some factories and equipment are stored in multiple locations.


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