After chatting with xiaoku technology, we saw the digital future of the traditional construction industry

However, AI is far more complex to architectural design than go, involving multi-dimensional constraints and specification requirements such as sunshine, height limit, plot ratio and building density.

  The above difficulties faced by the construction industry in the process of realizing new industrialization (industrialization, digitization and intellectualization), as well as the current problems such as limited market scale, lack of standardization and weak driving force, make the architectural design not follow other industries with algebraic digitization at the same time and develop to cloud digitization and intellectualization.

chart  |  Talk about capital in Longmenshan biodiversity Museum international competition won by xiaoku and Sichuan commercial design institute Consortium: walking side by side with long-term shareholders, the vigorous development of scientific and technological innovation company is inseparable from the help of capital.

“The shareholders of xiaoku are people who insist on long-distance running and have a high vision.

Now the industry has undergone earth shaking changes.”   As an advocate of industry intelligence revolution, he Wanyu said that xiaoku technology team has spent a lot of energy on “embracing technology and open innovation exploration”.

It is not driverless, but a man-machine cooperation mode in which the machine can drive automatically when people hold the steering wheel in relatively closed scenes such as highways.

Due to the lack of semantic information, it is unable to perform higher-level data applications such as statistics and evaluation.

“When xiaoku was founded five years ago, there was almost no information about AI + architectural design in the search engine.

He Wanyu was surprised by the “growth” speed of AI in the construction industry.

Figure|   He Wanyu, founder of xiaoku Technology | fengma Niu Real Estate Research Institute · content group the full text is 4810 words in total, and the reading time is expected to be 7 minutes   As one of the oldest arts of mankind, it is not difficult to find that the development and innovation of architecture are almost closely related to the development of architectural technology at the same time, and the creative way of architects is also related to the production tools used to a certain extent.

In the 21st century, technological revolution surges one after another, and new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence are constantly innovating all walks of life.

However, she found that even in the world’s top architectural firms, architects still have to spend a lot of time and energy to complete the basic work such as mechanical calculation and layout with very low technical content, and this repeated and inefficient labor needs to be experienced at the beginning of each construction project.

Xiaoku is a company at the forefront in the wave of building intelligent upgrading.

They suggest that we should not be too anxious.

  With the help of artificial intelligence to improve the productivity of the construction industry, let machines complete the time-consuming and complex work of back and forth modification and repeated calculation, let architects free themselves from highly mechanized labor and focus more on overall control and high-dimensional decision-making.

  Based on the ABC format, the small library has created an intelligent design assistant – intelligent design cloud platform for the architectural design end, which optimizes the original 24 step design process into six design processes of “check – do – change – Review – assist – exit”, so as to improve design energy efficiency in one stop.

He Wanyu mentioned that under the ABC mode, the design scheme is no longer completely drawing and modeling one stroke at a time.

  The result of such intelligent design is the ABC format of “digital analog gauge” linkage.

The news that alphago beat world go champion Li Shishi 4:1 fully brushed the screen, and a new wave of artificial intelligence came rapidly.

Confucius said, “if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools.”.

So far, xiaoku technology has gone through five years.

Lifting Loop

On the eve of the new product launch of “plandeep” xiaoku and the fourth AI building future Summit on November 28, fengmanau Real Estate Research Institute found xiaoku technology CEO he Wanyu and talked with her about the growth of xiaoku technology in the era of fine operation of the real estate industry, how architects should face AI, and whether AI architectural design will make the city “uniform” 。 01 talk about xiaoku: we are committed to making ABC model a common bottom logic in the industry.

AI builds modular components similar to “Lego building blocks” to build houses.

  Xiaoku technology did not grow alone.

Shenzhen is an innovative and open city, and xiaoku technology is also highly consistent with the temperament of the city.

Figure | xiaoku’s original ABC format, a new language at the bottom of the construction industry.

As of June 2021, xiaoku technology has completed six rounds of financing with a total of hundreds of millions of yuan, of which the most recent financing was by an assembly industry investment fund Country garden venture capital and Jindi group are jointly invested by industrial capital.

Then in the late 1990s, the emergence of building information model (BIM) integrating professional information made a certain breakthrough in the information cooperation of construction projects.

Shareholders are optimistic about the long-term development and future potential of this industry, and have the same firm confidence in xiaoku.

Under the new design method: Architects only need to quantify the design elements and objectives into data language, and input the data into the small library intelligent design cloud platform in the corresponding scene, so as to realize the automatic generation of different scene schemes.

Being too anxious will deform our actions.”.

It can support further online editing, analysis and evaluation and intelligent compliance review, share the design results with the partner cloud, or directly output a variety of formats to connect with the current mainstream software.

This is the original intention of xiaoku technology and the value of the ABC model mentioned above.

In the 1970s, the computer aided design software CAD was born, and the construction industry gradually moved towards informatization.

Small library technology closely focuses on the vertical chain of the construction industry, extends exploration upstream and downstream, and gradually cuts into the whole life cycle of construction production.

Figure|   Small library intelligent design cloud platform takes this logic as the central axis.

An important node appeared in 2016.

  He Wanyu introduced that a few years ago, she was still working in OMA of Whampoa Military Academy known as the construction industry.

This is very similar to the current automatic driving in L3 stage.

It is necessary to take into account the requirements of the times of applicability, economy, green and beauty.

Among them, “Kuxiao” provides solutions for the real estate end, aiming at the pain points such as pre investment land screening and positioning decision-making, post investment scheme optimization and landing management, as well as the internal requirements of the real estate for “unified digital and analog” digital upgrading; “Library construction” focuses on the exploration of architectural industrialization.

“Xiaoku attaches great importance to and actively participates in various exchanges and discussions with design institutes, real estate enterprises, research institutes and other organizations to jointly explore the digital and intelligent development trend of the construction industry.” the logic behind this is that xiaoku people believe that only by fully listening to and understanding the needs of all ends can we really find innovative solutions to the pain points of the industry..

Although BIM software can support the establishment of semantic building information model, it heavily relies on human modeling, resulting in high cost of multi-disciplinary collaborative modeling, It is also unable to actively assist in finding the global optimal solution.

  When it comes to whether he is worried about being coerced by capital, he Wanyu thinks xiaoku is very lucky and grateful to the shareholders in the development of xiaoku.

Xiaoku innovatively put forward a new language ABC (AI drivenbimoncloud cloud intelligent building information model) for the bottom of the construction industry, realized the integration of digital, analog and planning for the first time, launched the “intelligent design cloud platform” for the field of architectural design on this basis, continued to expand to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and created a “Kuxiao real estate AI solution” for upstream real estate enterprises And the “library building prefabricated architectural design engine” for downstream construction contractors and prefabrication manufacturers.

It is difficult to advance the factory end standard to the design end, and it is impossible to open up a system in the whole cycle.

The intelligent development and upgrading of all walks of life is imperative, and the construction industry is no exception.

However, the model results of the existing mainstream CAD and 3D geometric modeling software in the market only contain geometric information.

In the same year, xiaoku technology with the mission of realizing building intelligence came into the field of vision of the industry.


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