[academic part] what is the impact of Yi learning on Chinese traditional architecture? Learn the book of changes

The architecture infiltrating cultural elements is not only the necessity of architectural forms of various countries and nationalities, but also the necessity of history.

Congenital Bagua is based on the concept of yin and Yang, which is the basis of ancient Chinese philosophy and the basic idea of ancient Chinese architecture.

The key to the spread of feng shui theory and Practice for thousands of years is that it is scientific.

Feng Shui itself explores the harmonious coexistence between man and the natural environment, and this idea is expressed in the view of organic nature of the earth.

The combination of acquired Bagua and Yin Yang and five elements constitutes the theoretical basis of Chinese architectural design composition.

Yi Dao is broad and profound, with a long source and flow, and has a far-reaching impact on all fields of the Chinese nation, including architectural culture.

Architecture is not only an instrument of “the lower form is called the instrument”, but also a Tao with the connotation of “the metaphysical is called the Tao”, which is endowed with the symbolic expression of materialized “Tao”.

Feng Shui theory is the traditional Chinese theory of geographical location selection.

The first chapter of the book of changes begins with “heaven is superior to earth, and heaven and earth are fixed.

Japanese scholar Zhuoyi Takeshima called it the “double wall” of ancient Chinese architectural works, and Mr.

(inheriting Pei’s five feng shui systems) I Ching promotion professional committee of the international I Ching Federation  : Registered by the Ministry of civil affairs of China, in charge of the Academy of Social Sciences and the national Yi Xue organization.

Only by understanding the meridians and acupoints of the earth and their relationship can people live peacefully in the embrace of nature.

Chinese ancient architecture, whether small-scale folk architecture or royal architecture, all embody the idea of balance between yin and Yang and law, heaven and earth.

Individual members shall be lecturers, postdoctoral and above titles of scientific research and teaching personnel engaged in Yi learning, Chinese culture and related majors in scientific research institutions and colleges and universities.

Architecture has cultural significance.

The survival of the earth organism is based on the mutual coordination of various parts.

This is actually a comprehensive balance of natural factors affecting people’s survival and health, such as climate, terrain, geological structure and hydrological conditions, so as to obtain the most suitable geographical environment for human settlement, production and reproduction.

Therefore, it is easy to count the inverse.” the Yin and Yang of the relative hexagrams in the innate eight trigrams are opposite, indicating the four pairs of contradictions and changes of heaven and earth, thunder and wind, water and fire, mountain and Ze in the eight trigrams.

Easy and simple, and the world is reasonable; The reason of the world, and become one of them.

So, what is the cultural foundation of Chinese architectural theory? The cultural system of the book of changes is the foundation of Chinese culture, and the theoretical system of Feng Shui and geomancy evolved from the book of changes is the architectural theoretical system with Chinese cultural characteristics followed by Chinese architecture.

When birds of a feather flock together, the good and evil are born.

The influence of Yi ology on Chinese traditional architecture is often based on the unique geomantic theory in ancient China, that is, feng shui theory.

Everything should take the harmony of nature as the highest criterion.

Formed the concept of regulating qi in Feng Shui.

If the earth is inferior, the heaven and earth are fixed.

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The acquired Bagua formed the so-called monthly order system.

Its role in the theory and practice of Chinese architecture and planning is deeply rooted.

If we compare a large number of survey results with the traditional feng shui theory, we can find that if we weigh according to the selection criteria of feng shui theory on phase soil taste water, landform, hydrogeology and other aspects, the auspicious person is just in the non disease area, and the water and soil environment of the disease area is what Feng Shui regards as having many bad places.

Here, human beings began to subjectively endow architecture with a lot of sociality, philosophy and personality.

Feng Shui theory regards the earth as a natural organism like the human body.

For a long time, it has been asserted that there was no architectural theory in ancient China.

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! The book of changes is one of the oldest classics in China and has always been regarded as the first of the six classics.

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The arrangement is clockwise according to the orientation of southeast, northwest and spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In shuoguazhuan, the innate eight trigrams are described as follows: “heaven and earth are positioned, mountains and rivers are ventilated, thunder and wind fight each other, water and fire do not shoot each other, eight trigrams are wrong, counting the past is smooth, and knowing the future is inverse.

If the movement is constant, the hardness and softness are broken.

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Zhouyi has a great influence on building site selection.

The postnatal eight trigrams and congenital eight trigrams have different directions.

Easy is easy to know, simple is easy to follow.

The most common settlement site selection should be carried out by professional feng shui masters, that is, under the guidance of feng shui theory, through comprehensive observation of the spatial situation of the geographical environment and the movement law of the sun, moon and stars, and according to the methods of looking for dragons, sand, water and acupoints to determine the most favorable settlement location.

From the architectural language and space atmosphere, all are permeated with the cultural symbols that people of different nationalities want to express.

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The image is formed in heaven, the shape is formed in the earth, and the changes are seen.” therefore, hardness and softness rub together and the eight trigrams swing together.

As the foundation of residential construction, we should not choose any site, but find the most auspicious place – Feng Shui cave, or feng shui treasure land, through field investigation (i.e.

Its purpose is to select the geographical location of the settlement according to the feng shui theory.

In the same area, due to the differences in landform and water and soil properties, there will also be differences between sick areas and non sick areas, serious sick areas and light sick areas.

Two great architectural works in China’s history, the French style of construction in the Song Dynasty and the engineering practice of the Ministry of works in the Qing Dynasty, have been highly praised by Chinese and foreign scholars.

The scientific truth and empirical expression of understanding the relationship between natural environment and human environment is indeed the most reasonable interpretation of this theoretical system as the foundation of Chinese architecture and planning culture.

From urban site selection to residential orientation to tomb phase, China’s ancestors and modern people all believe in Feng Shui and geomancy.

Liang Zhihua (Sicheng) called it the “two grammar textbooks of Chinese architecture”, but after all, they are only regulations of architectural norms and norms, not culture.

Because when human beings have enough ability to control construction technology and manufacture building materials, human construction activities are no longer just practical activities of “building up and building down, waiting for wind and rain”, but have a variety of spiritual pursuits.

In China, site selection is often inseparable from “Feng Shui”.

Strictly speaking, people should act according to the monthly order system in their daily life.

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Like the human body, it also has meridians and acupoints.

If the earth is inferior, the heaven and earth are fixed.

The trigrams are located in the south, Kan in the north, earthquake in the East, dui in the west, northwest of Gansu, northeast of gen, Southeast of Xun and northwest of Kun.

phase place).


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