A well preserved temple with wonderful architecture, murals and statues. Jiexiu Dongyue Temple with bright eyes

Unfortunately, they can’t get in with the door locked.

It’s incredible that there are such a large and spectacular temple in the small village.

They also look through the window eye.

   At present, the temple is not open to the outside world.

It has everything from architecture, decoration, to statues and murals.

I believe you also like a group of buildings on the central axis of Beijing.

Let’s travel through history and explore Shanxi together.

    Today, I will continue to introduce to you a Taoist temple – Dongyue Temple.

I often travel through time and space to see the world 100 years ago.

Emperors of the Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties all attached great importance to it.

Jiexiu Dongyue Temple is not very big, but when it was built, it made great efforts.

The level of the statues is good.

Jiexiu Dongyue Temple is located in Xiaojin village, Mianshan Town, Jiexiu City, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province.

The door can’t be opened.

I wonder, just like Zezhou Dai Temple, it is not in the county but in the village.


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It’s strange that a Jiexiu Dongyue Temple is not in the county town of Jiexiu, but hidden in a small village.

Inadvertently, you will see exquisite ancient buildings and preserved traditional culture.

This is the lion strong.

Li Zicheng’s Yongchang year monument has been hidden in an ancient building for 300 years! No one knows that there are 13 statues of Bodhisattvas in the Ming Dynasty and a full hall of Bodhisattvas in the village temple.

The great locust tree has saved for ten years.

    The wonderful buildings in the temple belong to the main hall and the sacrificial hall.

It is excellent in wood and stone carvings.

There are statues in the main hall.

The Dongyue Temple is well preserved, thanks to the protection of the villagers.

There are murals on the gables on both sides.

If you want to go in and visit, please follow suit! Walking on the land of Shanxi, you will often get surprises.

Explore! In a large hall in Beijing, the plaques of Nine Emperors of the Qing Dynasty are startled! Explore! The home of the emperors of Yongzheng and Qianlong dynasties! (it’s not the Forbidden City!) in 2020, the snow scenery of the Taimiao temple is too spectacular to lose the Forbidden City.

The details of a village Dongyue Temple are dazzling, and a village Dongyue Temple is dazzling.

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There are also statues in the Notre Dame hall behind.

This temple has been preserved completely and has been almost intact after disaster.

It’s too rare! In the small village temple, there is a group of rare statues of the Song Dynasty, but it’s a pity that Wuhan Huoshen mountain, explore the secret! Fire temple, the Royal Taoist temple in Beijing.

There are a God General on both sides of the gate and a stone lion on both sides of the gate.

They have to look in from the window eye at the door.

  Love cultural relics and historic sites, like these old things left by our ancestors, and use the camera in our hand to record the beauty of historic sites; Pathfinders who roam the world like to recommend the scenery in tourism to everyone; I hope to use my own strength to record more history and more traditional culture.

Unfortunately, it is blocked by the sacrificial hall, which can not reflect the height of the main hall.

There are women worshipped inside.

The main hall is tall.

If you like it, you can discover the secret territory of Shanxi together with the big locust tree.

It’s still standing.

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A stone lion carved on both sides of a step is vivid.

The mysterious stone lion is more than 2 meters high and has no front legs.

The level of the statues inside is lower than that in the main hall.

This Dongyue Temple is named after the local name – Jiexiu Dongyue Temple.

In front of the temple is a red shadow wall and behind it is the mountain gate.

In this way, the project cost is high; A group of bucket arches, which have to be carved into elephant and other modeling patterns, can be described as superb workmanship; Many glazed components are used in the hall, which are very expensive,    What does this mean? It shows that when the Dongyue Temple was built, the local people were very rich and rich, so they worked hard at the details.

It’s very beautiful.

The emperors of the Qing Dynasty came here to worship their ancestors! Yanchi temple is so spectacular.

It should be a sacrificial hall built in the Qing Dynasty.

The sacrificial hall in front is also large, and the carved beams and painted columns are.

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