A vibrant Building — Paris cultural and Sports Center

Transparency is a major feature of the project.

The sports center creates a large public space and an ideal place for people to carry out activities and exchanges.

Steel Chamfer

Saint Blaise District enjoys the highest building density in Europe, among which the Paris culture and sports center is a young building with rich and colorful activities, appearance and use functions.

The building facade has very large and transparent external shading grids, which can be opened or closed by themselves during the day.

In fact, the Paris cultural and sports center itself does not deliberately pursue this vitality.

In addition, the four facades of the building are provided with some physical spaces, which correspond to different activities, creating more or less transparency.

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The appearance and open entrance attract the passing crowd with a welcoming attitude.

Due to the high building density in this area, the large-area white space of this building is not only integrated with the surrounding environment, but also has enough recognition, so it is particularly precious and different.


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