6 single buildings capped! The latest construction progress of science and Education Park in Yantai University Development Zone is coming!

One third of the lakes in the school will be completed, and the rest will be constructed to 3-4 floors.

Magnetic Steel Chamfer

The construction has been officially started on May 28 this year.

Silhouette of capping ceremony of single building in science and Education Park of Yantai University Development Zone on the morning of December 22, the capping ceremony of single building in science and Education Park of Yantai University Development Zone was held in bajiaowan central innovation zone.

Focusing on the key industries such as high-end chemical industry, biotechnology, modern ocean and high-end equipment in the Development Zone, the science and Education Park lays out discipline and professional groups such as chemical industry, biological food, marine science and mechanical engineering, and is committed to building a domestic first-class practical teaching, talent gathering and scientific research innovation transformation platform.

At the capping ceremony, song Zhongmin delivered a speech on behalf of Yantai University, expressed sincere respect and gratitude to all sectors of society who care about and support the construction of the science and Education Park of the Development Zone, expressed sincere greetings to the builders who have worked hard and sweat on the front line of construction, and looked forward to all parties involved in the construction and the Management Office of the science and education park taking this capping ceremony as a new starting point, careful planning and scientific organization, Efficiently promote the follow-up construction tasks and lay a solid foundation for the timely handover and admission to the school.

The science and Education Park of Yantai University Development Zone is located in the central Innovation Zone of Bajiao Bay, Yantai.

The tower crane immediately lifted and completed the roof pouring.

of China Construction Fifth Bureau, Shanghai Hongxin Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

The salute at the ceremony site roared and colored ribbons danced.

and Yanwei branch of China Construction Fifth Bureau, as well as principals of relevant departments of Yantai University and representatives of construction parties, Witness the capping of 6 single buildings in Yantai University Development Zone Science and Education Park, including cultural center, teaching building, life center, College of life sciences, College of chemistry and chemical engineering.

In September 2023, the high-level, innovative and international science and Education Park will officially usher in the first batch of tobacco universities.

The promoter, the supervisor, the investor and the constructor jointly stated that they would work closely together to build the science and Education Park of Yantai University Development Zone into a cradle of scientific and technological innovation and talent training, so as to inject strong momentum into the high-quality development of Yantai city and Yantai University.

The park is planned to cover an area of more than 1000 mu and can meet 12000 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and international students.

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Song Zhongmin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice president of Yantai University, attended the activity with relevant principals of the party masses work department of the working committee of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, North China Investment Co., Ltd.

The first phase covers an area of 610 mu, with a construction area of 420000 square meters and an investment of 2.6 billion yuan.

In addition to the six single buildings capped this time, the capping of the other two single buildings will be completed before the Spring Festival.

After the capping ceremony, song Zhongmin, on behalf of the school, distributed condolences to the representatives of construction workers on the construction site, visited the special class staff of the school’s science and Education Park, encouraged them to make persistent efforts and handed over a satisfactory answer sheet for the construction of the park to the teachers and students of the school.

The guests attending the ceremony jointly waved a spade to add concrete to the hopper hoisted by the tower crane.


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