2021.11.06 latest recruitment information of construction industry

Budget Supervisor: it is necessary to be stationed, and more than 5 years of housing construction cost budget experience is preferred.

Please add wechat fpq031, send resumes and arrange interviews.

College degree + intermediate title in Railway Engineering, road and bridge, bridge and tunnel and other related majors.

of the personnel Department: 1892423004324.


Be familiar with office (WPS), AutoCAD, project and other software, and be able to independently prepare special construction scheme, technical disclosure, construction technology summary or first project summary.

Recruitment: 1   project manager   1 (Zhongshan Precast Beam Yard is preferred) 2   Budget clerk   2    (Zhongshan Precast Beam Yard) 3   Constructors: 3    (Zhongshan Precast Beam Yard) 4   Documenter (Conghua, Guangzhou): 1 (proficient in CAD, electromechanical and municipal experience is preferred) 5.

Municipal documenter (semi skilled hand) 2.

Working address: Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai District, Huizhou City.

It is required to have certain practical work experience and be able to complete the relevant work of project budget independently.

Know how to optimize municipal drawings.

They have long-term projects and are basically in Shaoguan Western Union.

The main surveyors are required to have done large-scale housing construction, be proficient in instruments, be familiar with drawings, be able to operate computers and CAD drawing software, be hardworking, have strong communication and management ability, requirements: good health, strong self-discipline, obey management, and work in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan Salary chat in Huizhou and other places.

The project department recruits fine decoration constructors with a monthly salary of 11000 (12 salary) + other benefits.


Prop Shuttering

Interested friends can contact me.

Salary: RMB 14000-18000 / month; (2) Director of planning and contract department: 6 years of working experience in expressway tunnel and municipal deep foundation pit projects, strong communication skills, and familiar with Zhuhai municipal project pricing change system and process are preferred.

Treatment 1.5w1.8w; The project is located in Zhuhai City with superior living and working conditions.

Zhang: 1362502351920, Shenzhen Longgang District to recruit a housing construction documenter! Salary 8000-10000! Contact: Ms.

The salary will be covered in detail.

1 housing construction project is in urgent need of a budgeter.


It is best to be a local in Zhanjiang.

The company wants three welders.

Working location: Shaoguan Xilian new area working time: 8 hours, rest, follow the arrangement of the chief engineer.

Being familiar with the precast beam yard is preferred, because I am recruiting for another project of the company.

Zhong   Contact information: 13686453197 (wechat same number) data management, account post responsibilities: 1.

Contact information: 13572344131    Miss Cao 12.

Recruitment position: budgeter / budget supervisor, location: Shanwei, Guangdong.

A water conservancy data Supervisor, who is required to be familiar with the process of water conservancy supervision projects and have certain communication skills.

They have long-term projects and are basically in Shaoguan Western Union.

Recruitment requirements: experience in more than 2 municipal projects such as municipal roads, pipe networks and box culverts.


Benefits: including food and accommodation, free 1-4 room accommodation, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, wireless network, washing machine, etc.

10 years working experience in municipal deep foundation pit or expressway tunnel.

If you are interested, go to Diansha general manager 1316956816823.

Participate in the acceptance of divisional and subdivisional works; 3.

One construction assistant, 2.

Recruitment of water conservancy project in Nanhai District, Foshan City: 1.

Be responsible for the office management of the project.

Tel: 13608453862 (same as wechat).

A water conservancy expert documenter, who is required to be able to complete project data (quality, safety and inspection) independently and be able to drive.

The company recruits surveyors: 4 main surveyors and 8 auxiliary surveyors.


Tel: 1369977258714.

She is required to be female.

She is familiar with the process of Guangzhou.

The contact person is Liang Gong 1380240276210, recruiting municipal constructors and fine decoration constructors.


The official account platform is designed to facilitate the needs of both suppliers and buyers.


Due to the development needs of the company, the recruitment position is: 1.

The above job requirements are male, under the age of 50.

Treatment: Food and housing, salary details.

Huang 1851209929918.

She is stationed on the site, including food and accommodation, and is paid monthly.

Never default on wages and pay them on time every month.

Municipal constructors of the project department: monthly salary 11000 (12 salary) + other benefits.

(Zhongshan is mainly engaged in the precast beam yard of expressway.

Recruitment of a deputy budgeter for Chaoshan Station South Square Project: more than 1 year of civil engineering budget experience is preferred.

Interested parties contact Tang Gong 136504511002, semi skilled documenter of Dongguan Zhaofang construction, contact Li 139258559823, recruitment of real estate project in Gaoming District, Foshan: 1.

Driver   2 (Conghua) general contractors: including food, accommodation, Sichuan taste and salary interview.

Be familiar with pile foundation engineering and pit foundation support engineering is preferred; 2 Familiar with punching pile is preferred.

Municipal cost budget and settlement (skilled hand).

Project treatment: 7000 yuan / month (stationed at the construction site, including food and accommodation) Tel.: 13415055155 Wu Sheng (wechat same number) 7.

Shenzhen pile foundation unit recruits a surveyor   Eat and live   Detailed treatment   seventeen billion three hundred and twenty-two million three hundred and eleven thousand three hundred and fifty-three    13.

Job requirements: 1.

Contact number: Wugong, 1354286555519, Zhuhai Xiangzhou District yongtongchang Times Square to recruit a production manager and a building number.

Be responsible for the collection and management of project data, drawings and other files; 2.

We sincerely invite friends to seriously identify the authenticity and credibility of the information.

In Lemin Town, Suixi, Zhanjiang, a trainee documenter will be recruited for the photovoltaic project.

Dongguan Huangjiang Town area recruits two semi skilled house construction documenters.

Zhaoqing No.

It can solve the technical problems and on-site technical guidance in the relocation and reconstruction of mining tunnel, underground diaphragm wall, supporting pile, subgrade, pavement and pipeline.

The project recruitment information intern near Zhanjiang University of science and Technology (Mazhang District) includes food and accommodation, and the treatment is 3000 yuan / month.

Several electricians.

If you are interested, please call 18819628398, Yang Gong.


Contact person: Mr.

Contact person: Zheng Gong 138244498308.

A constructor is recruited for the outdoor garden construction project of the project, and must have worked in a professional garden construction project for more than 3 years..

Know how to optimize decoration drawings.

If you are the one, please add wechat and send your resume if you are the one, thank you!) contact information: Tel.

Guangdong Qingyuan construction site helps a friend urgently recruit a survey supervisor with a salary of 10000 to 12000.

Interested parties contact 153225092125.

If you are interested, please contact: 1326662279422, Shanwei Luhe Civil Engineering (300000 square meters), recruit constructors.

There are many budget staff recruited for the housing construction project in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, and one budget Supervisor: more than 1 year of civil construction budget experience is preferred.

Statement: all recruitment information of this official account is from the Internet.

The construction site is 1341666658617 in Shunde District, Foshan.

The platform is not responsible for any adverse consequences arising from the acceptance of the information.

If you are interested, please contact Miss Liang 13928533909 / Miss Tan 13928532398 for details.

Contact person: manager Lin, 152177693699.

Shunde Beijiao Malong new project requires one tower crane commander, with Guangdong certificate, salary of 6000, including housing and food, overtime of 25 yuan / hour.

A surveyor with a working life of more than 5 years.

One municipal expert is recruited in Huangpu District, Guangzhou.

Tel.: 17827984766 Miss Wu (same wechat number) 6.

Recruitment requirements: experience in more than 2 large-scale housing construction and fine decoration projects in hospitals, large hotels and large entertainment places.

The salary is negotiable.


Guangdong Zhuhai municipal project recruitment: (I) Engineering Minister: 1.

I’d better go to the construction site tomorrow morning.

Be responsible for the management of plans and statistics; 4.



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