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It is convenient for everyone to use the fragment time to see some architectural works.

Influenced by Baroque masters Bernini and Borromini, and modernist masters Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, the Atheneum Hand drawing & Text: Annie time: 15 minutes tools: ordinary black pen tips: younger students who have just started to contact notes copying and drawing try to control their time of each sketch within 15 minutes as much as possible, which is easier to adhere to and rough.

Three common traffic elements: ramp, straight ladder and double running are endowed with different characteristics: the ramp is used as a spatial guide element, the surrounding of straight ladder strengthens the characteristics of the middle hall, and the double running stairs directly reach the roof platform.

I plan to make a column of 15min Architectural Notes at 2:00 a week.

They are famous for their abstract and usually white buildings and indomitable personal design philosophy behind them.

Suddenly, I had some free time and wanted to sort out some of my own notes, including sketch and many text notes.

As an independent vertical traffic, it provides a viewing perspective slightly separated from the building itself.

The streamline in the design is a more prominent design point.

It doesn’t matter (can it be rougher than mine?) The Atheneum is not Richard Meyer’s most famous work, but there is still much to learn about the spatial organization.

In the later stage, we will consider adding a column of urban planning history, hoping to help students at least cope with the final exam.

Two Hole Anchor

I would like to believe that architecture connects the past and the present, the tangible and intangible world.” Richard Meyer, Richard Meier, Pritzker Prize and aiagold Medal Gold Award of the American Institute of architects are both award-winning architects.

Aside, the failure of entering a higher school this year was a little unexpected, but fortunately, it took only half a day to adjust.

Source: archdaily..

At present, I have a lot of sketch materials.

Architectural note 01: geometry streamline “when asked what I believe in, I said I believe in architecture.

Architecture is the mother of art.


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