102000 square meters of construction! Guangming project is fully opened!

They become policy propagandists, demolition negotiators and contradiction mediators.

They fight day and night and devote themselves to this crucial battle.

The street also set up a 20 person enterprise resettlement service group, which successively went to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen and other places to find more than 50 factories for relocated enterprises.

Make good use of space resources with “embroidery” efforts to create a hot industrial land in Guangming district..

On September 1, Guangming district held a site clearance meeting for the preparation of shutianpu continuous industrial land project (data and pictures).

Since the establishment of the headquarters in April this year, in just four months, Matian street has overcome the difficulties of relocation enterprises, such as special production types and difficult resettlement, and achieved remarkable results.

They go deep into the front-line site, understand the situation in detail door by door and carefully formulate negotiation strategy plans, Door to door negotiation with the owner.

From being listed as one of the “top ten difficult tasks” to the comprehensive demolition of 102000 square meters of buildings, this also means that Matian street has run out of “acceleration” in developing and expanding high-quality industrial space It has laid a solid foundation for the optimization and upgrading of industries under its jurisdiction, and the party construction has led the Corps in fighting, promoted the implementation of land preparation, and implemented the potato Tianpu continuous industrial land project in Matian street, which is located within a large industrial space of more than 1 square kilometer in Matian Street, involving a land area of 137000 square meters.

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the project supervised by the district Party committee and the district government, Matian Street actively implements the overall deployment of the district Party committee “1 + 2 + 3 + 2”, and focuses on promoting the project preparation under the guidance of Party construction, The special meeting on project work was held quickly, the preparation of project tackling plan was accelerated, and the project tackling headquarters and temporary party branches headed by the main leaders of the street were established.

The main person in charge of the Party Working Committee of Matian street said that we will take the comprehensive demolition of the shutianpu continuous industrial land preparation project as a new starting point, continue to strengthen the guidance of Party construction and concentrate our efforts to promote the smooth closure of the project.

There are 59 permanent buildings and 44 temporary buildings within the scope of the project, with a total construction area of more than 100000 square meters.

The project not only has superior geographical location and can receive endogenous industries from Science City, but also has convenient transportation and can absorb high-end and high-quality industries.

Just as the important task of riding the wind and waves is on our shoulders, we must ride the horse and whip.

The potato Tianpu continuous industrial land project was officially listed as one of the “ten difficult tasks” of Guangming District in 2021.

Wire Ring Clutch

The servicing work once faced great resistance.

The signing of the relocation compensation and resettlement agreement for all obligees was completed three months in advance, about 72000 square meters of land was handed over in advance, and suitable resettlement houses were excavated across regions through multiple channels, effectively resolving the problem of relocation and resettlement of enterprises.

On December 10, with the new progress of the comprehensive demolition of 102000 square meters of buildings in the project, the land preparation project entered the final demolition and handover stage.

The breakthrough team listened to the demands of enterprise relocation step by step, and Matian Street solidly promoted the project.

In addition, the development and construction of Guangming district has been rapid in recent years, and a large number of land uses have been adjusted.

On the morning of December 10, Matian street, Guangming district held a site clearing meeting for shutianpu continuous industrial land preparation project.

In addition, the resources of high-quality enterprises such as haijixing and Kangtai biology are concentrated, the industrial agglomeration effect is obvious, and the surrounding supporting facilities are perfect.

In order to ensure that the project preparation work is completed on time, the figure of Matian soil rectification personnel is active in the front line of land preparation.

Due to the special production products, some enterprises urgently need large steel structure plants, and have strict requirements on the height of plants.

Make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, implement accurate policies and achieve remarkable results.

It is difficult for enterprises to find suitable plants for relocation in a short time, and most employees have lived in Shenzhen for a long time and are unwilling to move with the plant.

In the future, they will enjoy the radiation effect of business, industry and talent accumulation, and can be built into a highland of industry city integration in Guangming District// Due to the large number of enterprises to be relocated, the relocation and resettlement work is difficult, the number of buildings to be demolished is large, the time is tight, and the task is heavy.

As of December 9, All 13 enterprises (including tenants) of the project have determined the relocation site and formally signed the tenant relocation compensation agreement Of which, 9 were relocated and vacated.

Tan Quan, leader of Guangming District, presided over the event.

Cai Ying, Secretary of Guangming district Party committee and head of Guangming District, attended the event and launched the clearing ceremony.

The “site clearance meeting” was held on the morning of September 1 , the area of land that can be transferred is about 72000 m2.

13 department level cadres in Matian Street serve as the leaders of various working groups and tough negotiation groups respectively, and all section level cadres serve as Deputy leaders.

A total of 13 enterprises are involved, including 5 Enterprises above designated size.

The more difficult and dangerous it is, the more forward it is.

On December 6, with the signing of the last enterprise, 13 enterprises in the two industrial parks involved in the project signed agreements, and the signing of the project was successfully completed.

The first shot of project demolition was fired, and the task of transferring 30000 m2 of land by August 31 issued by the district Party committee and the district government was exceeded in advance.

Land preparation is a systematic project, which requires close cooperation, coordination and good “combined boxing”.

The secondary development will be realized through the policy combination of “urban renewal + overall interest planning + land preparation”, so as to improve the overall appearance and overall value of the area from point to area.

The blueprint is drawn.

On April 2 this year, the swearing in meeting of Guangming District in 2021 was held.

More than 200 people, including the office of the district Party committee and the district government, the district industry and Information Bureau, the Guangming Administration Bureau of the municipal planning and natural resources bureau, the district urban renewal and land preparation Bureau, and members of the leading group of Matian street, participated in the activity to witness the start of the demolition of the project.

Carry out the operation of the Corps, give full play to the leading role of Party construction and the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist Party members, and fully carry out the land preparation of the project.

At the end of July, the project officially signed agreements with the rights holders of the two industrial parks involved, and completed the project signing task three months in advance.


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