【 Shandong 】 recruitment | general rules for public recruitment of intermediate posts in Shandong University of architecture in 2021


after the interview, the results are announced on the spot.

Among them, the key scientific research base of the State Administration of cultural relics for the protection of local cultural heritage is the only key scientific research base of the State Administration of cultural relics in Colleges and universities in Shandong Province.

The university is the only one in China to serve the special needs of the country It is the only university in Shandong that has passed the national professional evaluation (certification) for civil engineering, and the first undergraduate university of national industry education integration demonstration project in Shandong Province.

(2) Registration and qualification examination 1.

(4) scanning copies of all the above materials shall be provided at the time of registration.

Have good moral conduct and adapt to the physical and psychological conditions of the post; 5.

7) issued by the Organization Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Department of human resources and social security of Shandong Province Requirements, in combination with work needs, Shandong Jianzhu University plans to publicly recruit 12 staff for intermediate posts.

Meet other relevant conditions for the open recruitment of staff by public institutions in Shandong Province.

Abide by the Constitution and laws; 4.

The original and copies and The original supporting materials filled in the application form for excellent doctor recruitment of Shandong Jianzhu University (Annex 2) must be provided during the interview.

It has always adhered to the leadership of the party, adhered to the socialist school running direction, condensed its characteristics, cultivated its advantages, practiced the school motto of “virtue, erudition, foundation and career”, and formed the school spirit and spirit of “diligence, preciseness, unity and innovation” “People oriented, self-improvement, practical use and benefit Sangzi” The school running concept of has developed into an applied research university focusing on engineering, with the characteristics of civil engineering and architecture, the interdisciplinary penetration and coordinated development of engineering, management, grammar and art.

The registration method is to send the registration materials by e-mail, and the registration email is : see the remarks column in the summary table (Annex 1) for details.

The University wholeheartedly welcomes outstanding talents at home and abroad to join in and jointly create a better future.

Nationality of the people’s Republic of China; 2.

The qualification examination of candidates runs through the whole process of recruitment.

Recruitment posts and number According to the notice on issues related to public recruitment of public institutions in 2021 (lrsz [2020] No.

(III) According to the relevant regulations on open recruitment of provincial public institutions, after approval, the posts for doctoral and senior posts can adopt simplified procedures and be conducted in the form of direct interview.

The post registration will end when the post is full, and the registration for the post that is not full will be valid until December 31, 2021.

It is a University jointly built by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the people’s Government of Shandong Province, a national advanced unit in talent training, and a famous university with the characteristics of Applied Talent Training in Shandong Province.

Qualification examination.

Zhang * *, teacher 1, civil engineering major).

(IV) According to the recruitment position and the ranking of the candidates’ total examination results, the candidates who enter the scope of investigation shall be determined and the investigation shall be organized..

Registration time this recruitment post is a long-term recruitment post.

College recruitment [Shandong] examinee exchange group consultation wechat I.

The total score of the exam is synthesized according to the proportion that the scores of simulated teaching and expert questioning account for 50% respectively.

Lifting Socket

They are studying full-time Non fresh graduates of colleges and universities shall not apply with their academic degrees as conditions.

Only those who reach the qualified score line can enter the scope of investigation and physical examination.

Founded in 1956, the school was one of the ten civil engineering schools built by the Ministry of urban construction in China.

For overseas students applying, they must provide the certificate of foreign education and degree issued by the study abroad service center of the Ministry of education; (3) for fresh graduates of full-time ordinary colleges and universities applying, they shall submit the online verification report of student status on xuexin.com.

The subject column of the e-mail is “name, applied position, applied major” (e.g.

Active servicemen and non fresh graduates who are studying are not allowed to apply.

1) IV.

Candidates need to truthfully fill in and submit relevant personal information.

The age of applying for intermediate posts should be under 45 (born after October 1, 1975) 3.

Architecture is listed as a high-level “advantageous and characteristic discipline” in Shandong Province Construction discipline.

The interview results are set with a qualified score line of 70 points.



Over the past 65 years, the school has been in the same vein with the profound culture of Qilu and the pace of the Republic.

Application materials (1) application form for excellent doctor recruitment of Shandong University of Architecture (see Annex 2); (2) ID card, education background and degree certificate recognized by the state.


Candidates shall not apply for the provisions on avoidance of personnel management of public institutions (human resources and social security regulations [2019] No.

The University ranks among the top 1% in the world in ESI engineering, and has two first-class disciplines in Shandong Province: Architecture and civil engineering.

Have the professional or technical conditions required by the recruitment post and other conditions required; 6.

basic conditions of recruitment conditions: 1.

For specific posts and conditions, see the summary of posts for publicly recruited staff in provincial public institutions (Annex 1).

The total score is calculated to be small The two digits after the counting point and the mantissa are rounded.


If the relevant materials and information provided by candidates are untrue, they will be disqualified once found.

It has 1 Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education, 1 key scientific research base of the State Administration of cultural relics, 1 Shandong base of the National Engineering Research Center of wood industry, 3 Shandong collaborative innovation centers, 2 Shandong key laboratories, 8 Shandong engineering technology research centers and 3 Shandong Engineering Laboratories (Engineering research centers) , 6 key laboratories of colleges and universities in Shandong Province, 1 research base of the national cultural relics society and 2 research bases of Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and universities in Shandong Province (new think tanks) There are 30 key scientific research and innovation platforms, including one intangible cultural heritage research base in Shandong Province and one research base of the political and Legal Commission of Shandong Province.

155) and the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan of public recruitment of provincial public institutions in 2021 (lrsf [2021] No.

Seven working days from the date of release of the profile, the school will start the interview, investigation and physical examination procedures from time to time according to the post registration.

recruitment procedures (I) release recruitment information through the campus network of Shandong Architecture University( http://www.sdjzu.edu.cn )The “teaching staff – Talent Recruitment” section publishes recruitment information to the society.

The post interview adopts the method of simulated teaching and expert questioning, and the total score of the interview is 100 points.

The university has 2204 teaching staff, including 1794 full-time teachers and 894 full-time teachers with doctoral degrees, accounting for 49.83% of the total number of full-time teachers There are 8 academicians of the Japanese Academy of engineering, the Russian Academy of natural sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (including double employment), Changjiang Scholars, national candidates for the new century million talent project, top talents introduced by “one event, one discussion” in Shandong Province, leading talents of Taishan Scholars’ excellent characteristic discipline talent team, distinguished experts of Taishan Scholars and Shandong Province “Experts of foreign experts’ double hundred program” There are 84 high-level talents at or above the provincial level such as middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 57 national famous teachers, national model teachers, national excellent teachers, provincial famous teachers, provincial excellent teachers, provincial models of teaching and education, provincial moral models of colleges and universities, and 31 provincial and ministerial teaching and scientific research teams such as an innovation team of the Ministry of education.

Introduction to the recruitment unit   Shandong University of architecture is located in Jinan, the national historical and cultural city and the capital of Shandong Province.

  The university has 20 colleges (departments) It has 61 undergraduate majors, 1 post doctoral research mobile station, 1 doctoral talent training project, 17 first-class discipline master’s programs, 18 professional degree categories, 64 second-class Discipline Training directions, and has the qualification of promoting and exempting master’s students.

Personnel who have been criminally punished for crimes, those who have been expelled from the party, those who have been expelled from public office, and those who are not allowed to be employed according to laws and regulations shall not apply.

The interview mainly tests the candidates’ professional knowledge, teaching methods and skills, language expression ability, on-the-spot adaptability, etc.


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